Introduce yourself


my name is Axel and I’m from Frankurt Germany.

I work for a big audit and consultant company in a department that mainly focuses on the energy sector. I joined the academy to learn more about blockchain and how the energy sector can benefit from. If you know any interesting projects (please don’t shill me your alt bags) or articles (like this one e.g. Intresting Study about Blockchain and Energy Sector) regarding these topics feel free to hit me up.

Besides that I am also intereseted and investet in cryptocurrency and a so called hodler of last resort!

If you are around in the area or want to know more, feel free to contact me!


Hi My name is Eric, Am new on here to learn more about bitcoin and the technology behind it


Hello Everyone, my name is Paul and I´m from Germany.
I´m in crypto since late 2017,but started very bad with all the scams, making fast money.
Now I´m getting step by step to understand the technology and the possibilies behind it.
I followed Ivan for a quite time now and decided to take the course and learn a lot more about the blockchain, special skills and so on.
Thanks Ivan for your effort to show it!

Greatings to all!


Hi Ivan and Filip and all other participants!
Im thomas from switzerland, working in java and sql at the moment and really interested in crypto. But not only blockchain. Bearmarket doesnt scare me. Im a huge fan of holochain, i participated in a one week devCamp last february and went to some meetups. But i also wanted to learn ethereum programming thats why im here! Hope you are all well! :slight_smile:
If you’re from switzerland (or even basel) or berlin germany let me know, would love to connect with people close to my location!


Hey Guys! My name is Matt, I am an Engineer and currently work for Tesla making model 3’s. I do not have a programming background- mostly process improvement and manufacturing. Here to learn and take advantage of the blockchain revolution. Super pumped to be get engaged and learn from everyone here. Cheers!


Hi Toshitime Community,

I’m Kehinde Lawal, the founder of business & financial education company). I’m a Digital Nomad and I’m very passionate about Business, Technology, and Finance.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria. And I look forward to networking with great minds in this forum.

Thank you, Ivan & Filip, for creating such wonderful courses.



Hey everyone,

My name is Lukas from Czech Rep. currently living in Canada.
My background is in the mining industry where I am into improvement, but I am also enthusiastic about the new technologies as blockchain. My enthusiasm about crypto industry has started 2 years ago and I have learnt a lot about the finance in general from that time. Now when I see the great course material made by Ivan & Filip, I am really into learn more about the technology and the programming to grow into the professional in the field.

I am looking forward to our cooperation and successful projects


Hi everyone!

My name is Vincent and I am from Switzerland :switzerland:.
I am currently working as an administrative assistant, but looking for a career change: I would like to become a blockchain developer or expert.
Thanks @ivan and @filip for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow at Ivan on Tech Academy. I am listening to Good Morning Crypto almost every morning while driving to work (with a bluetooth hands-free kit of course :wink:).
I am passionate about blockchain technology, very interested in Ethereum and following other projects such as Cardano or Waves.

All the best guys! :+1:


Hi Thomas!
Great to see you here :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m from Switzerland too, Geneva area. Interested in Ethereum, smart contracts, dapps…


Hello!! I am a Catastrophe Insurance Adjuster from Texas excited to learn some programming and excited to learn about the blockchain!!


Hi everyone im Gee from Birmingham UK, ive just started the course, Im totally new to this as crypto has made me see the bigger picture and want to change my life by learning the course and finding a job in this space.

Ive been doing various jobs in my life and always wanted to work with computers in a technical way and not to be trained as monkey (or a number) doing specific tasks.

Ive been investing small amounts in the crypto space but I want to do more. With the help from all that are here I appreciate the help and a great thank you.

Just been Unfairly Dismissed from work (which i am appealing) and sick and tired of all the drama with finding the same deadend jobs. ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE.

All the best wishes to everyone.


Hello. I am very happy to join all of the Ivan on Tech students on the forum. I have been interested in blockchain tech for a few years and expect that I’ll get to read about some great ideas here in addition to learning a lot of cool stuff. Very much looking forward my next course; smart contract programming. I have recently completed the deep fundamentals course and am a better man for it. Thanks for the knowledge Ivan and Filip and Team.


Hello Everyone, My name is Fly and i want to thank you for creating such an awesome community.

I fairly new to block chain world and everything related to it.

Its a great chance for me to learn about this tech and get to know more people around the world.

Thank you.


Hi everyone,

I’m excited to take this course, as I’m aiming to broaden my skills and have a deep interest in understanding this revolutionary technology. Looking forward to chatting with y’all on the forums :slight_smile:



Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your awesome courses. I just finished the Deep Fundamental courses and now I am joining this forum because I want to learn more.

My name is Dimas, I live in Bavaria Germany. I am a material engineer by education but I really like blockchain technology and the future it has. Thus, I take a plunge in it by joining your academy and start to learn about programming.

I have no experience before in programming and I will do my best to learn it. With the help of this community, I am confident that I will be better day by day.

I hope I can get a job in the blockchain industry here in Germany/Europe


Hello Everyone.

My name is Barry and I come from Ireland - originally from the Southwest and now living in Dublin. I work as a front end developer for a well known multinational company. I’m very interested to start learning how to program in Solidity and other cryptocurrency programming languages. I listen to your show on the way in to work in the morning - keep up the great work:-)


Hey guys, i’m Andrei, 31 and i’m a big crypto enthusiast and fan.
I work in healthcare (physician) and i would love to extend my knowledge to include crypto/blockchain tech. I would of course love to bridge the two areas of interest.
I’m here to learn and to make friends. And i’m already learning :slight_smile:


Hi all!

My name is ali and I am here to learn programming with you all. Thank you Ivan for all the info you provide and this course :slight_smile:


I have introduced myself but I keep getting the introduction notification everytime I come here


Hey all!

My name is Aleks, I’m from Montreal, Canada but I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I work as a software developer and I recently started to get interested in blockchain related topics. I’ve been playing a little with the Ethereum platform and I find it quite interesting.

When I’m not nerding out on the computer, I can usually be found at a bouldering or climbing gym.

I’m looking forward to learning more about blockchain and to exchange with the community on the topic.