Introduce yourself


This is my second Intro. (started programming course 2/14/19, have already taken the Deep Fundamentals/Blockchain Business Class)

I originally heard about BTC in late 2012 and got into investing when I lived in Korea. I am passionate about Blockchain/Crypto/Freedom. I currently do investing and some freelance consulting work through my LLC. If you need consulting work, or are looking for value-added employees (especially if you’re located in the NE USA), please reach out to me. Cheers and HODL!!!


Awesome Intro!
I’d say we’re very much on the same page. This is my third IvanOnTech course, and this is the first job I’ve ever really been passionate about: making money, making the world a better place, and it’s so f’in interesting. Cheers.


Awesome Intro! I agree and want to change the world one decentralized payment at a time.


Sounds good, yes, I think it is possible, these days are particularly crucial, I think the economics are not adding up for the younger generations, sleeping in vehicles, strapped with debt, etc. Traditional economics (Keynesian economics) don’t offer them much hope, imho, just more and more wealth separation.


Hi there,

First of all, I would like to thank @ivan for being a trusted news source and educator. All the hard work you are putting in is making a big difference for many of us! THANKS

My name is Luuk and I’m from a small Caribbean island called Curaçao. Living on a small island (just over 150k inhabitants) you would accept to know and trust everybody. The first is the case for sure but the second isn’t true at all. Living on a small island has a lot of challenges and not everybody is able to live a decent life there. My mission is to create a more even playing field by using Blockchain and Crypto to create a trusted base and decentralize the power by empowering each and everyone on the island. For this reason, I’ve been involved in Innovation Ç and Caribbean Blockchain Network, which hopefully become DAOs in the near future.

If you are ever in the Netherlands please feel free to reach out to me. With Blockchain Talks host community-driven blockchain events in Amsterdam and beyond.

Nice to meet you all, really looking forward to taking this course.




I’m 41 years old computer engineer/technical consultant/project manager from Finland. I have lots of ideas and innovations regarding to blockchains but not enough programming skills and possibly not enough time.

Now taking the Smart Contract Programming course and we shall see where this road takes me…


Hi there ladies and gentlemen my name is Marques and i’m from South Africa :south_africa: and I’m really looking forward to putting in time to make a change for my family and myself through Crypto.
I currently work for One of Africa’s leading Financial institutions and the goal is for me to learn how to use my capital from my job to invest in crypto.

I am truly grateful to be surrounded by people in the space. I pray that god will be with me on this Journey :pray:


Hi…!!! Ivan & everybody
So happy to start the unlimited course, I had been looking for month to do this …now I’m on so people get used too …cryptoscity_banner


I’m Wilfred Malachi from Nigeria passionate about knowledge, technology, blockchain and crypto in general.

Aside from surfing the net, trading and getting into blockchain activities like writing and promoting I teach in schools and engage in businesses as well.

Thank you


Hi , my name is Tales . I love to learn about technology and especially in the crypto space because all this is gonna change the whole word.
Ivan thanks to your videos on youtube is really good .
I wish all the best to everyone . !


Hi all, my name is Lauriane. I’m software developer, mainly work in frontend web at the moment. I’m currently on the Etheruem gaming. Exciting :slight_smile: !


Hi I’m from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and follow Ivan on YT each and every day. I learned from Ivan how a blockchain fork works and then tuned in for more technical education because Ivan can explain it in a easy way. Everyday I watch crypto looking for the hidden gems like treasure hunting and lately I’m also bussy with ERC-1155, ERC-721 collector items.


Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: I’m from the south of England. Thanks Ivan, love the channel. I actually paid for this in the pre-sale then just carried on with life… I work in finance and have been into cryptocurrencies for a few years, been to a couple of conferences. Once in amsterdam as a great excuse for a holiday :slight_smile: but i just walk around and look at stuff because i don’t know how i can contribute to the space yet… I have never looked at coding and think it will be good for me to see this side so at the very least i’ll know how to communicate to developers well.

Much love


Hi, I’m Raffaele from Italy. I’m here to learn about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology and the opportunities related to their application.

Enjoy your study!


Hi Guys,

My name is JJ and I currently live in LAOS.
I am very glad to be part of this great community.
After 20 years in Storage/ Linux areas I am very excited about BlockChain and I can feel I can contribute to something bigger than myself.

All the best to all of you.



Hey Everyone,

My name is Rick from :us:
I’m a postman who got interested in the space a few years ago now and have been following ever since but never thought I could contribute in a meaningful way without any programming background. So here I am, taking the leap and learning from scratch with all of you - Glad to be here!


I’m Nraja, I worked like engeneer of project, I’m from France , now I’m owner and manager of company guid touristic and transport people. Since 2016 I interested about blockchain technology and cryptocurency.
I’m very happy to join this forum . Thank for all , specially for Ivan’s team


Hi everyone. My name is Dennis and i am an experienced Web Developer from germany. Blockchain became a hobby 2 years ago and now it is time to dig a bit deeper. So i decided to check out Ivan’s programming course. Let’s see where it leads … :slight_smile:


Hi All,

My name is Corbin and I’ve been in the blockchain space in some form or fashion (some investment, experimenting with smart contracts, apps, etc.) for about 2.5 years or so.

Professionally, I spend a lot of time in a closely-related field called “IAM” (identity and access management) which makes prodigious use of PKI, certs, hashes, OTP, encryption, API, databases, secure application integrations and several other areas.

I originally purchased this course on pre-sale but…shall we say…didn’t exactly dive in before now. Looking forward in particular to expanding on programming concepts, building my own block explorers, and even exploring Google’s blockchain search tools.

Looking forward to learning with you all!

Best regards,


Hello everyone,

my name is Manzi Bica. I am from Toronto, Canada. Last year, I was introduced to crypto by a friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in the field and have been hooked since. I have been furthering my learning every since either through readings or YouTube videos. The same friend told me about / recommended me this course (and the Blockchain Fundamentals) after he registered and it was obviously a no brainer. So here I am!

Talk to you soon!