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Hello everyone!

My name is Tom Cunningham (obviously!) I am a complete beginner to programming so this course will be a real challenge for me. I’ve completed Ivan’s Blockchain Deep Fundamentals course before this which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to solidify their blockchain understanding.

I am very interested in blockchain technology and particularly excited about a potential token economy sometime in the near future.

Anyone on a similar journey looking to make connections can find me on Facebook searching “Tom Cunningham Durham University” - I’ll only accept profiles that look like actual people of course.

Thanks and good luck everyone :call_me_hand:t2:


So my name is Tony, I live in the northern part of Sweden. Right now I work with a VR Game but not a real programmer yet :wink:
I have been reading about Crypto since beginning of 2012, been around the world at different events the next one is Anarchapulco in february. Have held meetings with politicianl and lecture them about Blockchain but now I think it is time to lear coding :smiley:



My name is Joshua. I first got involved with crypto currencies in August 2018 because my wife and I were looking to buy some stocks with the Robinhood app. I began trading cryptos on Robinhood and immediately began learning about blockchain and crypto currencies on youtube. Ivan On Tech was one of the first channels I discovered and really apreciated. So since discovering blockchain tech I have become quite passionate for the possibilities that it provides humanity. There are so many opportunities to decentralize our societies, advance our industries, amend (or even eliminate) our governments, and share knowledge and ideas. I have no previous programming experience and I am excited to learn how to build on the blockchain!

Other interests of mine include Hiking, Skiing, Shooting, Paintball, History, Cosmology, Sacred Geometry, Unified Physics, and Spirituality. I am also Vegan.

Happy to be a part of this community and looking forward to meeting and learning with you all!


Ivan does give a certificate upon completion. I have one from the Deep Fundamentals course.


Thanks for the reply


Hi, I’m Troopy! I’ve been hodling crypto since 2016 and have decided that I want to get into the space and make some Dapps. I’ve taught myself a little JS already, but I’m wanting to push myself further to get to the point where I am fluent enough to make my own dapps and web3 websites. I’m a tech, crypto, sci-fi, gaming, and anime enthusiast too.


Hello Ivan,

I am Asyraf from Malaysia. I have been following your Youtube Channel since 2018 and would like to know more about blockchain technology. Your course will be my stepping stone to blockchain venture


Hi, I’m Julien Mbony. I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013, I know all about the fundamentals, but its my first time learning to code.

Over the years I did lost of projects in this ecosystem in other to spread knowledge in my local town. here is my Linkedin account if you want to connect:

Thank you Ivan for your course and your Youtube Channel :))


Hi everyone
I am Hendrik, working as freelance in Telecom/IT Industry around the world. I got into Crypto in 2016 when I bought Bitcoin in a country that had problems with Euro/USD exchange, so I exchanged my money into Bitcoin :slight_smile: . I strongly believe in the decentralization (trustless) concepts, basically the freedom to create your own Value Exchange Network without central government or organizations. That will free the world and spark a lot of innovations.
I followed Ivan for more than a year, and decided to take some of his courses.
Hope to get some work in this space, or combine it with Telecom/IT work.
Feel free to contact me if you have any question


Hello crypto fam, my name is chad and I’m from connecticut, i currently do personal training for work and my current passions are reading, working out, taking my dogs on adventures and obviously cryptocurrencies. I believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain will bring us to a new paradigm of prosperity, equilibrium and transparency which is why i decided take up these courses; to do my part in making the world a better place. I currently have 0 experience with programming but i believe ill persevere and be able to program dapps and smart contracts with many of you in the future. glad to be on board, thanks ivan!



  • CEO & Founder:

    • DEX Exchange Inc.
    • Crypto Cannabis Game
    • Charity Compassion Coin
    • Charity Blockchain DAO
  • Partners & Affiliates:

    • SR TRON Europe
    • ACTIVEight
    • L1Crew
    • MarshMelo


Hello! My name is Eric, I like the nickname Sid for some reason, I have been very interested in the disruptive capability of blockchain since about 2013, and had heard about bitcoin earlier than that, but never felt comfortable at a technical level to understand it. Once I learned about ethereum, though, I was intrigued even more: programmable money seems to be a very innovative approach for this technology and I became interested in learning solidity to try my hand at creating dapps. Then Eos came along, and to me, it seems to be the way forward: dpos is energy efficient and much faster and scalable than pow. Combined with the previous success that Dan Larimar has had with steemit and bitshares, it seems that he has the right approach to how to move forward, learning from the mistakes of ethereum and anticipating what people will look for in the future.

So I am committed like I have never been with something in my life before. For me, I could live and breath what the possibilities that cryptocurrency offers the world. I love history and have researched how humans have expressed themselves through currency to transfer wealth through the ages, and all of the manipulations that have occurred around it. I am of the opinion that billions of lives have been extinguished from this planet via the wars throughout history, and recently things have become increasingly focussed on the financial reasons behind it all. I will spare you the novel as much as I can here, but I believe that history has been written by the victors of the wars and conquests throughout the ages (both on the battlefields and in the world of finance) and that we are living with a financial system right now that is based largely on fraud. Crypto has a chance to change some of that, and I am in full support of that possibility. So I am here to learn and hopefully get involved with a venture that is focused on promoting and propagating the concept of cryptocurrencies to achieve mass adoption.


Hi, I’m an IT Security auditor in a top 10 financial institutions. I started to learn about the technology as a speculative investment and now I am committed to learn the development side of it.


Hi guys. My name is Carl. I am from the Philippines, I found Ivan on his youtube videos and enrolled in his course because he is a very good teacher and explains stuff crystal clear, especially to people like me who don’t have or zero knowledge in programming. I am interested into this space because this is the future, and we have to accept that change is here and this technology will be changing our lives tremendously, just like the internet. I know I will be learning a lot from you guys, so thank you. I’m glad to be here.

Keep it up Ivan, and thank you for sharing with us this knowledge.


Greetings from Romania ! :alien:
I am Tudor , i am currently living in Bucharest and Timisoara (in Romania), I am eager to learn about Blockchain future ,technologies, implication, and all the golden tech era , that lies ahead :sunglasses:

I was a Game Tester at Ubisoft :space_invader:, when i found out that many people where interested in this subject. Then i decided to learn Java (SE) for a few months (8 hours per day, intensive paid course off-line, with other students). Couple of years later i was searching for something or someone(better said) like Ivan (& Filip) , that has what it takes to take block-chain learning to another level. I think all this implications will end up in history books (even tho traditional reading will be deprecated imo) .
Take care - See you all soon :v:


Hi All I am Prabath I work as a communication Tech.
I am new to Blockchain and programming and I am so excited to learn new technologies.


Hey Matthew here,

Currently living in the Seattle, WA, USA originally from West Michigan, although looking to move back to the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado soon (lived in Boulder mid-May '16 - End of July '17).
Graduated high school in '12 and then went to college nearby, decided on Economics, then left after Winter '13 (plus my grades were poor). Wanting to save money I enrolled in community college nearby for '14-'15 then left and never went back. So I dropped out.
Although during college I made lifelong friendships and while in CC (Fall '14) co-founded a joint chapter of YAL and SFL at the original university with one of my best friends (basically libertarian student non-profits) that I am proud to say is still thriving today. Through that I made a lot of connections, and met some people with similar interest in cryptocurrencies and open blockchains.

Ever since I learned of Bitcoin back in the of 2013 I have been obsessed about it. I have fluctuated in my research diligence and attention though. My interest has never waned with public interest or price fluctuation. Once it clicks and you know this is the inevitable way of the future (and chance to escape existential threats), you don’t just forget that. This clicks for me. This is where my passion and my mission lie. Now to get paid for it so that it can be my profession and vocation as well. (The goal is to have open blockchains at the center of that IKIGAI venn diagram.)

I considered taking more traditional economic, political, or policy based paths at one point, but I value my sanity and I understand that I don’t have patience for that kind of ineffectiveness and tribalism, willingness to compromise my principles, or lust for power. It would be a very surreal experience, for me, to enter legacy systems knowing that they are dying anyway. Knowing that my potential could go so much further taking this route and to not do it would seriously bother me for the rest of my life.
I would rather build new things that solve the problems we face now than try to save old, decaying systems that might just fall apart anyway (plus I can secure myself and my loved ones more effectively with this route). I would say that, as it relates to this, I’m some mixture of analytical, practical realist and hardcore true believer. I’m a dreamer, a seriously divergent thinker (tangents for days), and a talker. I know I have much more doer yet to unlock.
(ADD + unwavering curiosity + 2019 media tech + exciting new blockchain everything = constant need for mindfulness, focus, eyes on the prize)

Last year I took a full-stack web development bootcamp that covered HTML, CSS, up to intermediate JS, jQuery, node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React (no native though), and a bit of Python and algorithms focus at the end. I’m not where I’d hoped I would be at this point. Right now I’m working on saving, paying off some debt, building my skill set, and building connections. I have a number of things that I see coming up that I want to learn, I just have to focus on a few at a time and find the right people.

Some other things I would like to learn: more general computer science (+ more consensus alg), React Native, Vue.js (+ related tech), GraphQL, Vyper, D3.js/data vis, Docker, Kubernetes, Hyperledger, various stablecoin APIs + DigixDAO, Civic, Origin Protocol, and BAT/Brave Payments
General areas to dive deeper into: payments infrastructure, supply chain + logisitics processes, technical writing, some financial engineering, legal theory+history/law, more econ, some dev ops
…oh and Spanish, and to play the guitar.

I value individual privacy and functional data rights (at the end of the day ink on paper doesn’t stop anything), liberty, good conversation, property rights, motivational videos on YouTube, my friends and family, censorship resistance, efficiency, cypherpunks, cryptoanarchists, & Bitcoin OGs, transparency in supply chain + real free trade, finding the one missing character that breaks everything after searching for hours, Spotify Premium, nature, free APIs, Catan and other strategy games, natural sugar free sweeteners, coconut oil, critical thinking, a sense of humor in 2019, satire, and dank memes.

I’ve been a big fan of Ivan’s channel since early 2017 and have followed somewhat consistently. Keep it up, truly great work Ivan! (And I’ll keep smashing da likes.) I really, really mean that.

Looking to seriously break into the blockchain space, software industry, and take the next level up (Mario super-mushroom) in life! And change the World one step at a time, but for real. :v::rocket::full_moon::black_flag::heart:


For reference:
Bitcoin in the Ikigai spot.


OK I am an old man in his fifties looking forward to my retirement and without wanting to make this sound like a Man looking for a woman profile I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in this course to get the creative juices flowing, in my younger days I developed a Payroll Software package in Omnis 7 a 4GL style object orientated language so this will be interesting! Hit me up for any business ideas and opportunities!


Hi my name is Eelko Neven and I work as a Hacker / DevOps and blockchain developer. I joined the Ivan on Tech Academy to improve my soldity and blockchain knowledge. I’ve been active in crypto since 2013.
I am also part of the Internet Cleanup Foundation. We believe removing blind trust and assumptions about safety of information exchange drives the move to better security. Anyone should be able to verify if their data is transmitted safely over the internet, independently. We create tools to do so. For instance .