Introduce yourself


Hello World. I am Bob. I started buying a few crypto in 2013. The little price bumps paid my credit card bills for a few years. Then in 2017 I caught the July pop of Ethereum and the money and I both got serious. I’ve been watching Ivan religiously ever since.

I am a recovering rocket scientist. I code in Fortran, C, and Matlab for a living…for the military…which is crushing my soul. I don’t remember much from grad school 20 years ago, so I’m ripe for a retraining. My passion is to build the next brave new world. I see crypto as the foundation, and the best weapon against the corruption of the world today.

I just finished the Deep Fundamentals course and I feel 1000x wiser than when I started. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty coding smart contracts. I did 16 years in the spacecraft flight software test world so I’m used to the “light it and forget it” maintenance plan. We don’t ship until we can prove you can’t shake it apart…with rockets. I think I bring the right TDD mindset and temperament to the crypto space. I also did 8 years in tool UI design (and test, of course), so I’m used to the callback “squirrel chase”…and how to generate automated tests to tie the squirrels down.

Thank you guys SO much for this life-changing course. I can’t wait to see what’s possible here.

Oh…and I’m the “cartoon bubble guy”. I like to take notes in 3D. Worse: I like to share my notes with random strangers both to cement my knowledge by re-teaching it and to evangelize my friends and neighbors about the good news of crypto! See you soon !


Hi guys. I’m vasilis. I’m clueless about programming but I hope I can learn here. Been in the crypto sphere as a holder and interested in for a couple years. Cheers


Hi Bob,
I am a student too,
very interesting your “Introduce yourself”.
What sw do you use to make this 3D notes?


Hey people!

I’m a musician, music teacher (Ableton Certified trainer) and PhD student. The main reason I’m here is for the latter!

My research focus is on supporting teachers in their integration of technology.

I’d like to do this in an online environment.

And I’d like to incorporate the blockchain!

I have no programming experience so would like to develop a deeper understanding… :slight_smile:


Hi Dr. Solomon,

Your research sounds interesting. I would love to hear more!

I’m currently studing for a PhD at University College London and I’m interested in blockchain’s implications for education.

Hope to hear from you :slight_smile:


Hi Mr Parker
Good to hear from you. Yes Blockchain will change the way do our business in all areas. My major vision is introducing this technology in health program especially in immunization. I have already started in some countries. I have already started a pilot project; for that I am teaching about blockchain for many to justify my project. I will let you know the detail if I pass through the challenges. Major problem what I am facing when talking about blockchain people talk about bitcoin, volatility, energy all sort of rubish with lack of understanding. We are far a head from many…


I (ab)use ThortSpace. I’d almost recommend it. It works great, but it’s…quirky. It’s certainly the best available in the mind-mapping software space, and the only one that has any 3D aspects.


For example here’s my ThortSpace of the entire “BlockChain Fundamentals” course. The programming course will be much smaller, but have several orbiting moons, one for each language.


Whats the craic guys,

Keith from Ireland, have been involved in Blockchain in one way or another since 2015 and have been working in the sector for about a year now. I have zero knowledge when it comes to programming so I
picked up the Smart Contract course to change that. Looking forward to being more active here on the forum :).


Hi All,

My name is Subash and I’m living in Sydney Australia.

I have been working in the Data Analytics and Cloud computing space for the last 11 years.

Got into Crypto in Nov’17 and have been interested in learning about blockchain technology ever since.

Pretty excited to be a part of this community. Hope to learn as well as contribute as much as possible.



Hello, Ivan & friends!
I’m Lion, a big fan of the blockchain. I live in China currently.
It’s extremely exciting to join this community and to learn mutually.


hello! my name is Echo and im 15 from scotland. ive been learning about blockchain and watching ivan for awhile. looking foward to start learning this skill.


Hi Guys! My name is Rony living in Mexico, learning along side you all… good luck!


Hi all, I’m Joris and living in Holland. I have no experience with programming but still think I’m not too old to learn. I follow Ivan approximately over a year now and he gained my trust to follow his course. I make my best of it and think that i need a lot of help from you. When I can do something in return, don’t hesitate to ask me anything!!


Hi I signed up for the course a year ago and forgot about it. I want to learn as much as humanly possible from this course. I’ve been in crypto/blockchain for a little over a year and everyday I learn something new and want to take advantage of this opportunity to get a career in blockchain. Thank you Ivan.


I have one question… at the end of this course is there some sort of certificate?


Hello Everyone! My name is Raj and I am very excited to embark on this journey with all of you and our intructors Ivan and Filip. I went to Georgia Tech for computer Engineering, Transferred to Florida Atlantic University and completed my degree in Health Science after changing majors. I also have a an extensive undergraduate background in biology. After having left behind coding since taking introductory Matlab courses, I am looking to return, learn, and polish my skills. My goal is to achieve a career in Healthcare IT, preferably using blockchain to improve security, access, and interoperablity of health records.


Hi, guys!
My name is Alan I’m a digital artist and web designer with Contemporary Art background. Currently, I’m a student of IOTA and it’s great experiences so far. My relation with crypto began in 2013. I found the site made the bookmark and after that I’ve read the news from time to time but didn’t make serious move into crypto space, I’m still not investing in any crypto, but as an artist I like the futuristic idea of the crypto future, that’s why it’s great to be here and I look forward with optimism that eventually this community will end up with great achievement.


Thanks for getting back to me. Apologies for the delay, I didn’t receive a reply notification.

Even though my research is in a pre-embryonic stage - I’ve just submitted my proposal to my supervisors - I definitely face a similar challenge of how to present these ideas as credible as opposed to hype-driven! Bitcoin comes into the conversation more than I would like it to!!

I’d love to keep updated about your project. Bring on blockchain 3.0!

Good luck,

Mel (Miss!)


Hello, my name is Mary. I learned about bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 and through Ivans’ You Tube channel am learning about blockchain technology. Years ago I wanted to study computer science but was discouraged from doing so. So now I have my opportunity! I am from RI USA but have lived abroad in London gone through checkpoint Charlie, spent time in Mexico… love history, reading, good music. Very happy to be here!