Introduce yourself


Hello! I want to learn smart contract programming! Thank you!


Hello guys! My name’s Alex, I am Founder and CEO of Dereferee project.
Into crypto around for 2 years, first traded now we created our own project (if somebody would have told me about it 2 years ago, i would probably just laugh about it). Huge regards to Ivan and the team, because almost all i know about the crypto came from the youtube channel!
I strongly believe that blockchain technology is the future for any industry/niche. I’m into sports my whole life, that is why I and my team are creating a new way for people around the globe to train and make the process as fun as possible!
Most of the time I work with our project, but also I’m a competing bodybuilder (When I was younger I played football, but now - iron addict).


Hello All!

I’m Bridget, and have just finished my second course with Ivan on Tech Academy, Blockchain Business Masterclass. I also took the Blockchain Fundamentals course when it first came out.

I am a business systems consultant with a background in IT systems and software, with a degree in Accounting. I am mostly self-taught in technologies so the move into cryptocurrency was a natural one. I have consulted with credit unions on blockchain and crypto (beginner & Level 2 presentations to business leaders and board members in that arena), and I have founded with a business partner, the Minnesota Blockchain Initiative. We are working to get our home state of Minnesota into a proactive rather than reactive place with the coming technologies and will be creating community and education in all the right areas: business, investment, education sector, and regulatory guidance on the state level.

I highly recommend Ivan and Filip’s courses, the two I’ve taken have helped me a great deal in my changing career. Ivan was one of the first blockchain teachers I came across when I caught on to crypto and I am grateful for his knowledge.

Cheers! And I hope to come back to this forum for community and learning again.


Hi there, im Dmitrij, have little knowledge in all that stuff but i think i will be able to handle this, or at least will definitely have a try. Good luck to me ))))


Hello everyone, I just started Ivan’s programming course and just wanted to introduce myself.

I’m just a regular guy who currently invests and play games using blockchain technology. I really believe blockchain is the future and since I’m still considered an early adopter of the tech, I figured why not learn how it all works from the root.

I also have a YouTube channel but I’m not so good at making videos lol

I’m keeping this short and sweet because I’m eager to continue the course. I hope to meet many of you on a more personal level soon.

Thanks for reading!


Ahoy everyone ! :slight_smile:
Holly Bitcoin am I happy t.b. here, starting the Business course to learn more than what I got from BC for business courses at my employer (IT) of 10 yrs. I got into BC 1.5 yrs ago and ever since seek new knowledge, check market, startup and corporate views. Comparing. 1-2 hrs a day.

Not considered programming yet - I am more of a creative business/PM/sales person. Which was my role + pitching in a Blockchain Hackathon. We got 2nd place with a group of friends. I am no shark, I guess not a grain of sand either, hence the picto. :wink:

favs: btc, crypto, travel, cooking, truth, freedom, all the good stuff.

With love for the bear market,
Desert mouse.


Hey everybody,
new community member here looking forward to some great progress.

Best, Phil


Hi, I’m Budi, look forward to learn more about blockchain and programming. thank you


Hi all,
my name is Carlos from Portugal, I am 48yo, found bitcoin 1year ago, I am an ‘old sw developer’ and currently a sw tester in my other ‘real’ life. I will try to get the most of the 1euro offer while it lasts, Thanks for great content.
Best regards,



My name is Wade and I was lucky enough to sign up for the xmas deal with under 10 mins left. Got into bitcoin by going to a meetup 4 years ago. I am hoping to build some fun stuff to take my mind off the bear market.


Hi everyone,
i’m john and i’m a freelance marketer currently working for an ecommerce store :slight_smile:


Hi All, My name is Chris. I only started to get serious about crypto around 6 months ago. Soon after I looked into this space I started building my own project, its call ZΞD. I am currently testing it on the MetaMask Ropsten test network and will have it on Main-net soon. As this is an intro post if you are curious just google ZED.RUN. Looking forward to chatting with you all.


My name is Kieran. I’m Head of Blockchain at Blockboxx and lead developer of BitcoinHEX. I’ve been involved with blockchain for some time writing GPU miners initially.


Hello there, my name is Chris Lo and I am from Malaysia. I have learned about cryptocurrency and blockchain in late 2017. My day job? I have been working in IT for about 12 years(since 2006) in the infra and now into the cloud. Why I am here? well personally I just find that many of my peers and even programming gurus that I know of in my community space here does not trully know about cryptocurrency, the most that they know is smart contract and the basics. It got me frustrated that I get excited but… nobody truly know about cryptocurrency and how it can make the www 3.0 and its decentralization in the way businesses operate, even when blockchain is the new keyword (after the trends of big data and even containerization docker etc)…yet nobody ever have the mindset of how things would work in a non centralized manner. People from the infrastructure or network would be able to picture things in a diagram, maybe because of that it is easier to get the whole picture. But again we are still in the early stone age of this new revolution and that is why we need to make steps for innovation. So for the ones like us whom know how this works, we can do the part to make the end user more comfortable in using this new technology. I dont see how it cannot come into realization, well a decade ago many old people dont know how to use an email, however nowadays even grandma has an email address. So… let us create


Hi guys, I am the Founder and President of the first french STUDENT association focused on the blockchain technology : We are currently 61 across 5 Business and engineering Schools in France. Waiting a lot from thoses courses for our students !! :wink:

PS : Ivan, we will contact you soon for proposals !

Have a nice coding night guys !


Hi Ivan
I am a public health professional and following your channels quite some time. I am interested in introducing technologies in health programme in different countries. I am excited to learn about Blockchain and introduce into the health programme, especially in immunisation supply chain management. I have already initiated a pilot project, and I hope your course will help me to learn further to improve my project.


Hello all,

I am so glad I finally got around to follow this course. I’ve had programming experience in the past but never with blockchain

Can’t wait to start. And really I’m so happy that even after months this course launched, there are sitll new students starting it every day.

Cheers and a happy new year


Hey him Dominic !
I’m a web developper … since the web didn’t even existed.
Started coding when I was young on a texas instrument TI-99 …
Then on pc’s and finally internet came to be !

So since then I’ve been coding website’s …
php, mysql, centos setup, some jquery …

Also love to do some arduino projects :wink:

Finally have a bit of spare time to look at the course I’ve bought almost a year ago !

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else ‘go to google and search for one ;)’;


Hello everyone,
I’m Jo and I’m just embarking on Ivan’s programming course, with some trepidation it has to be said. I’m probably one of the oldest people in this space at 50ish but I’m not going to let that get in the way! My background is in programming for businesses starting with Cobol then Pick, then lastly SQL, Ingres and C. My experience was mostly designing and writing commercial point of sale and back-office applications. I stopped working in 2004 in order to have a 2nd child and have been a homemaker ever since.

I caught the crypto bug back in December 2017 and unfortunately invested quite a bit :sweat_smile: but fortunately found Good Morning Crypto at about the same time and have been watching nearly every day since! I decided to have a go at the course to see if it suits me as I’d like to take up a new career now that the children are nearly grown.

I live in the countryside between London and Brighton in beautiful Sussex, England and my interests include gardening, baking, ale, wine and having a nice time :grinning:

Good luck with the courses everyone!


Hi my names Denise, greetings from Australia I just started Ivan great videos ! I got into crypto accidentally as i was looking for a distraction… learning so much some days my brain is fried lolz