Introduce yourself


Hey guys,
I’m Scotty. I’m an engineering surveyor and my background is in psychology. I became fascinated with blockchain technology and the trading aspect of it about two years ago. I have no experience in programming and wanted to delve a lot deeper behind the scenes, so here I am!
I live in Sydney Australia and see a real future in blockchain development so wanted to develop some skills.


Hello everybody. My name is Sebastiaan and i am from the Netherlands. I am the supervisor in our own familly companie. I do not have any experience with coding but i love to learn about it. In 2017 i started with mining cryptocurrencies. A few months ago i started to invest and trade and so the next step will be learning about the technology. So i am excited to begin and excited to help other newbies. I wish everyboy a great christmas and happy new year. :smile: :partying_face::snowflake::snowman::heart::notes::netherlands::christmas_tree::tada::confetti_ball:


Hi all

I’m Maarten from Belgium! Living in the most beautiful city in Belgium, Ghent. I’m a teacher in primary school and have my own bicycle repair shop, but also a hardcore blockchain believer. Been in the cryptospace for several years and now in the bear market is the best time to get me some good education.

No one better then Ivan can help me with that! Big fan of Goodmorning Crypto and now what the Christmas present, I had to sign up for some courses. Great to be part of this community!



Hi folks, my name is David and im from Slovakia. I have interest in crypto from my high school times (graduated 2015). It started with bitcoin at 2014 followed by ethereum mining in 2016 and then investing in altcoins in 2017/2018 and now im here. I enjoyed process around building my rig by myself. Im computer guy so no wonder and have some basics programming knowledge from school. Im here to learn some new things because blockchain will be huge in future and we have opportunity to hop on this train in early stages :slight_smile:


Hey Guys, I’m Natoshi Sakamoto, blockchain evangelist :slight_smile:

I believe that this technology is going to disrupt traditional way of dealing with business where there is a need for trust and data is centralized. I’m researching almost every day by spending couple of hours and also trying to work on smart contracts.

It will be nice to know you all and I have so many queries which I will post here seeking some explanation on the concept to firm my understanding.



Hi There
Ivan Khranovskii fullstack dev
Sick of building plain views and stuff and want to build and create awesome and worldchanging stuff
Thats why iam here ! :wink:


Hi, everyone.
My name is Alex. I’m from Ukraine :ukraine:. I’ve been in crypto space since October 2017. It was fascinating to dive into this industry, so I passionately researched the basics and moved on to studying separate projects and trading. Two month later I was hired by a manager of pretty big investment fund as an analyst, and was looking for coins and tokens with competitive advantages. I was really psyched to score a job after just two month in the field, however, when market started to tank the amount of assignments drastically decreased. So I decided to make it as a copywriter. I send a couple of my articles to Russian crypto YouTuber Ruslan Sokolovsky. He liked them, and hired me to write Begeinner’s Guide-type articles for his crypto news outlet “”. And so I did till Bitcoin broke 6000 support. After that he let me go, since price and public interest to crypto is falling, hence budget cuts, and so on and so forth.

So here I am, 27 y/o unemployed dude, struggling to find a “normal” job with a baby coming in April. But thanks, Ivan for giving an access to your course. I don’t know a rats furry ass about programming, but I’ll do my best to learn in a spare from job hunting time, in order to get myself a job in blockchain again. Thank you for giving me hope, man. :handshake:


hi guys, great to be here! My name is Arkadiusz and have just signed up to get more experience on blockchain tech


Hi there, guys.

My name is Anton. I’m from Russia. I’m in crypto industry since June 2017. Occasionaly my acquaintance with crypto area got started with ponzy schemes))) There were a lot of different doubtful projects where you could invest money in form of bitcoin. So it was my first experience with crypto. I’ve lost around 50$ with that socalled “investments”, but it definitely worth it. To be honest I was very exited about it. There was something new for me that nobody could take away and you are allowed to do whatever you want (Bitcoin). It was fantastic! In a few weeks or even days I got involved in ethereum mining))) One month later I’ve bought a mining rig. In one month of playing with mining I set up an optimal preferences for my hardware and started to look for something else… so became a bounty hunter… and soon enough I quit my job. It was the most pleasant periond of my life))) Since April 2018 I’m in a compelled vacation))) Almost 30 y/o, unemployed guy with some programming experience and Master’s degree in IT area. When I’ve started Ivan on Tech courses I realized the real power of crypto industry so I’ll try to become it’s part as a crypto programmer/analyst/enthusiast and of course the part of community. I wish all you guys luck and let’s get started)

Great thanks to @ivan and his team. You do all your best to grow a new crypto generation :vulcan_salute:


Hi all, I am a software engineer and have been a blockchain geek since 2012. I know some solidity, but want to fill in the gaps with my JavaScript and front-end knowledge. I have a feeling that learning from Ivan and Filip is a solid bet. Looking forward to diving into the course!


I spend my days as a design engineer/researcher. Currently entertained by mass customisation and modularity in products/engineering solutions.

Everyone talks about programming here. Well, I loved those hexedit editor days when you could type assembly code directly and save it as a MS-DOS .com file. The only language I have realistically used since then is Lua. And lately it is only graphical generative algorithms and some ‘scripting’ in CAD applications. Actually, modifier driven shapes/products are fun, that would be in Blender 3D.

I am here to get a bit more practical view on HyperLedger and IT business side.

It looks like there are mostly constructive people here - let’s connect on social media.


Big welcome to everyone! Amazing to have you guys here.


Hey everyone, it’s great to be here. I’m a preschool gym, science, and English teacher in China and I’ve been learning about this space since the craze last year. I’ve been interested in technology since I was a kid in the late nineties and my interest has grown over time. I’ve finished the blockchain fundamentals class and I’m currently enrolled In the programming course and the blockchain business course. Planning on getting much more involved next summer when I move back to the US and have more skills and opportunities. Thanks to Ivan and his team for this great resource, I look forward to being able to give back to the community and help others when I’m more qualified to do so! Cheers!


Hi everyone!
I’m Ariel, originally from Buenos Aires (Argentina) but based in Paris.

Two years ago I’ve discovered Bitcoin and became very interested in the technology behind. I have an idea about blockchain, not able yet to answer technical questions but I understand the stakes of open and private blockchains.
I’m trying to learn as much as possible, not to save the world, sorry about that, but I need to have some experience, contacts and a great team before trying to save the world lol.

The reason I joined Ivan Academy ( by the way congratulations Ivan, I’ve discovered you thanks to an interview you made to Grant Cardone ) is to learn how to code smartcontracts. My goal is to use that knowledge on the blockchain of Bitcoin thanks to RSK platform, particularly trying to explore RIF platform. Since RSK is compatible with Ehterium, then I (technically) believe I could use that knowledge to try to create something.

I’m not a dev, never coded in my life , I just took some HTML classes on codeacademy and that’s it. However, what drives me to learn is to really use this technology into the real economy by doing simple things like trying to create an smartcontract that will allow me to work with other people around the world without using banks and without even need to trust them. If I succeed that, for me is a great start.

I’m interested on social media content production via livestreaming using only smarthphones ( MOJO - mobile journalism- is called ) I’m looking for open minded people around the world (particularly in Europe - any country- ) that have some knowledge of video filming, art (street art), or even acting. If by miracle there is someone here, happy to contact.

Of course, once I have the skills to answer questions about smartcontracts it will be my pleasure to help anyone who needs it.

Have a great day!
Best wishes,


Welcome Ariel! Good to have you here! Interesting to read about your story and experiences.


Hello All, My name Suyash. I am a network engineer by profession and working in the industry since a decade.
Very excited about blockchain technology and of course crypto. Music and fitness lover.


Thank you Ivan! It’s a pleasure to meet you (virtually) and be part of this community

Presentation FR

My name is sumit and I work as a Accounting & Finance expert…
Research and Analysis is my passion…

Want to start a blockchain based startup, here to learn the programming from scratch and make some good friends with whom i can team up with.

I live in Mumbai, India…I love Outdoor Sports, specially Running.


Hello, the name is Andres, I’m a Electrical Engineer (mayor in electronics, control and computer systems), I discover blockchain in 2011, I begin as a miner until the difficulty became too high to mine with gpu, then mine some altcoins, then became a trader. I’m Venezuelan, so my interest had always remain secret (being a public cryptocurrency activist can turn you into a target for crime and corrupted officials). Hopefully times seems to be changing so I’m trying to figure out ways to fit cryptocurrency and smart contracts on daily business.

I had some experience on c ANSI and c++ (not as much as I like to, just the amount needed for some microcontrollers), at this moment I’m trying to learn more about the smart contract (solidity, javascript, etc.).

I have been following Ivan youtube channel since the begining of 2017, it was the the first person that i saw on youtube talking about cryptos from a developer perpective and that what I like about it.


Hi, my name is Luis, I´m from Mexico. I have little programming knowledge, GWBasic, Turbo Pascal, C and C++ back in my youth. Now I can see that blockchain programming is the future and I don’t want to be out of this.

I’m glad to be part of this community, let’s learn together. :slight_smile: