Introduce yourself


Hello. Can you help me? I am going through the lessons. I am now trying to put an image on the page. I understand the technic but I don’t know how to get a picture from my own computer. Do you know how to do it?


Hi everyone, my name is Georgie. I live in Melbourne Australia. I create RL simulations and experiences for a living. I’m looking forward to adding new knowledge to my belt.
I’m late joining you as a cohort, despite my early enrolment, but I’m sure I’ll read lots about you all as I run through the course.
See you in there,


Hi, I am Sky from France. I am into crypto since last year. I have basic knowledge about programming, happy to be here to learn and improve myself.


I’ve working on the internet for over a decade and I’ve done some basic programming using php and mysql and some very basic javascript, and I signed up for the programming course to learn more about about distributed ledger technologies.


Hi Ivan and alls,

My name is Timotius.

I’m passionate in technology and blockchain technolgy.
Blockchain is like internet in earlier 90’s.

My background is ERP system using Oracle Applications.
I’m following your channel since 2,000 watchers.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Hey, everyone! My name is Tom and I’m a PhD candidate in philosophy from Czech Republic. I followed IvanOnTech’s videos and joined his courses, which got me here. I’m looking forward to interacting with you in this forum and learn about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and programming.


Hello! I’m here for the programming course. Bought it on pre-sale after watching countless hours of Ivan and learning a lot with him. I really like to understand the nitty gritty, so learning how to code looks like a great hobby.

See you around!


Hello Ivan.
Hello, community.

I am Alex from Ukraine.
I am an iOS developer with a strong desire to learn more about blockchain. I really like the idea of decentralization and I believe this is the future.
My hobbies are music, hiking and casually playing various CCGs.

P.S. Ivan, thank you for a great youtube channel, well structured course content, cool forum ecosystem and generous holiday discounts.


Hello My name is Willie Crypto and im excited to learn to become a coder and contribute to this space and find new opportunities. Im 45 years old but i feel Im still young enough to try something im passionate about. My long term goal is to be able to put together a smart contract and issue a security token for real estate investing.


Hi I’m Russ 45. Thank you Ivan for the great Christmas deal! I’m here to try this out as well as try to get my 11 year old son interested in blockchain and programing. I have no previous programming experience so we will be taking it slow. We are in south Jersey just outside of Philly.
Whats up?


Hello, I’ve been into bitcoin since October 2017, bought some bitcoin (not much), but then saw that there was more potential in altcoins for profit, so I used my bitcoin to buy some alts, and am now down a lot, but still buying because I see a lot of potential for cryptocurrencies in general.

While owning my coins, I experienced an ever growing interest in the technology, to the point that I’m now in a programming course. Who’d ever thought!

I have no experience whatsoever in programming. Starting from scratch. Hope I learn somethinig!


Hello people! My name is Lorenzo and I’m from Italy.

I study economics at university and I’m noticing that there is something wrong with the economy and the financial system. Our system is really fragile as the history has showed in the past (hyperinflation, deflation, big banks failed and so on).
This uncertainty there is in the air brings me to discover Bitcoin and understand his existence.
I really love the idea that with Crypto you are the bank of yourself, you are the only one that can manage your own money.
I have 0 knowledge in programming code but I have great desire to learn, because as an investor in Cryptocurrencies I want to understand the fundamentals, that’s why I’m here following Ivan and learning from his courses.
You know, I invested in this market with long term vision and who knows? maybe I won’t cash out in the future and being part of this new revolutionary economic system.

Best regards,


Hi , my name is Alberto
I am from Italy :it: and I love all the concept behind blochchain and how innovation and technology can improve freedom, and quality of life.
I am pretty determinate to learn as much as I can in this space and thanks to the great job Ivan is doing I do learn a lot since I foolow the You Tube channel and I am attending Ivan on Tech Academy.
I love to practise sport and do meditation and anything can bring my life and the life of the people around me to a better level.
I am also a good food lover! :smile:


Hi Ivan and Filip
Hi Everyone,
I am Hungarian made and shaped worldwide. (Lived all around the world from Brazil through Europe to China.)
I used to work in various fields from business development through diplomacy and finance. I am about to finish a great software developer bootcamp now and happy to learn from Ivan and Filip about smart contract and DApps programming to further extend my knowledge and to become a blockchain developer the soonest possible. :slight_smile:

The courses rock!! :star_struck:


Hi everyone, My name is Vivid, from Thailand. I used to study programming 10 years ago but I dropped it by the first year at university and changed my degree to business. I thought that I wanted to be just a user of the technology until last year, when I found out about Cryptocurrency and blockchain. I really love the concept and felt regret that I changed my career path. I have many projects that I would like to create by using blockchain. So I have tried to learn the fundamental of blockchain programming by myself for a few months but it was progressed very slowly since the teaching materials are rare and hard to find anyone to consult. I found this course seems pretty neat and could have made me realize my dream. Good to see you guys, and hope we can help each other!


Hy guys,
My name is Roger and I am from the cryptonation Switerzland.
I got into crypto about 9 months ago, waiting to buy the dip :slight_smile:
I’ve been learning and widening my knwoledge since I got into contact with the space by watching for example Ivans channel on a regular base, but also by visiting events from Bitcoin Association Switzerland.
Best wishes and save hodlling :smile:


Hey, hey, hey ) Welcome yet another newbie ) My name is Dmytro, great to catch this opportunity and learn more about blockchain. Thanks, Ivan and his team for the opportunity.


Hi all, my name is Alexandru Simion I am a structural design engineer but I am also very passionate about blockchain. I tried many times to learn programming but failed, but I think that with you guys I will succeed!


Hi everyone im a french canadian , my english is not perfect so i learn all the time :slight_smile: ! i just join this comunity and i will try to learn the best i can programmation !! i have a good knowlegde in term of cryptocurrencie i love trading to ! feel free to Pm me i always love meet new people and have some good talk on discord and stuff like that ! Have a good day and hope everyone learning well ! GG


Hi everyone, my name is Daniel, come from Austria and i got involved in the space by running my own Waterplant Mining Farm. My background are studies in IT and International Business. I have done many online courses that refer to Blockchain such as Princetons, Oxfords and the Linux Foundation but none of them could elaborate in detail the real programming aspect of the subject. Since i was not a big fan of programming during my IT studies i have come to realize that it will be necessary if not beeing able to code very good, to at least understand and read code. I am really glad that the course is structured in a way that you can start from scratch again.
My goal is to further deepen my knowledge on how to utilize enterprise solution with blockchain since i believe the potential there is huge and not many people in established systems even know that yet. I am setting up my consultansy firm at the moment to meet this upcoming demand in the area of Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Thank you @ivan for this course. Keep up the good work. If you are open to proposals for business consultancies give me a hint how to reach you for a private talk.
Kind Regards