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Hi, my name is Shakhruz, I’m from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I’m a big fan of EOSIO, working on some new projects on EOS chains.


My real name is Ken Berlick but most call me Vuf. I’m retired hence no longer independent. This doesn’t mean one should stop learning so I choose this SPOOKY place.


Hi @JefJrFigueiredo, thanks for pointing me to Ivan’s courses. I am looking around, and happy for what I learned so far!


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Hello. My name is Maurice, (pronounced ‘mor-reese’) and I am an member of a non profit that uses quantum, our community currency built on quantum science, and self funded with $$$billions$$$ backed by US dollars, which puts it light years ahead of bitcoin and all other alt coins. I have been involved with crypto currencies for about 3 years now. I am a very big fan of digital currencies and what they can do to help different communities around the world. I believe that through using digital currencies we can create and strengthen our own communities, and these crypto currencies will be the key. It is my belief that with quantum currency we will finally be able to do so with safety and security at our core!

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My name is George Doujaiji. I am Lebanese. I work as an IT manager in a construction company in Saudi Arabia. I like programming so much and very interested in the blockchain technology.


Hi, I’m Miguel. I am mexican and living in Berlin, Germany. I am part of a project that has to do with renewable energy and blockchain. There is someone in the team working with smart contracts but I also want to learn to be aware and have everything very clear. I also believe blockchian is a great technology with the potential of changing this world for the better.


my name is Arne and I am from Berlin. I am here because i am highly interested in Blockchains. I actually come from a trading background and i am now trying to deepen my knowledge on blockchains.


Hi My name is James and from Malaysia, cheers! all


Hi fellow crypto people:

My name is Marv.

I live in Skokie IL USA (a suburb just North of Chicago USA).

I started out as a programmer then morphed into a Business Analyst and finally a Project Manager.

Recently I have taken some time off. During my sabbatical leave, I have become very interested in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Like most of you, I watch Ivan every day. Unfortunately because of the time difference between Sweden and USA, I watch Ivan on tape delay.

In order to help me understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, I wrote 13 ShortArticles (which can be found at the following link: ).

Everyone likes to talk about their exercise regimen. Unfortunately, I do not have one. I have tried tennis and walking in the past. I need to reinvigorate my exercise activity.


Hi there. I’m Andri from Poland. I’ve worked earlier in sales department of an advertise & it company, 2y ago started my own firm which suprisignly became related to mining business. Due to very little very temporary crypto crash :wink: many people (me included) gained some time to learn strange things… for example this mysterious “programming” thing …which I’ve always wanted to learn, but never had a chance (or time or energy or bravery or …whatever ;)). Although i’m far from being at the beging of my adult life (but also far from the end I hope;)) I’ve menaged to give it a try… and we will see if my brain still works ok. It can (as always) be few weeks of adventure or someting that will change “everything” for me :wink: Time will tell. Nice to be here. Bought this course few months ago …needed some crypto crash fluids to start …so official start date is 18.11.2018. Luck to us all with learning and changing this centralized world :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Dan
I’ve been into bitcoin for a few years. After seeing about how you can make dapps using cryptos like Ethereum. I really want to learn how to do this.


Hi all, I am Anwar Faris from Jordan and living in KSA currently, I am working now as a Communication Engineer and I am interested in Cryptocurrency/Blockchain space and looking forward to work/invest in this space


Hi everyone.
I currently work in retail :angry:, enjoy playing the guitar :guitar: (badly), and learning about blockchain & programming.
I currently reside in Dorset. Anybody else in the South of England?
I’m trying to get an idea of who is local to me.


Hi Ivan and everyone.
My name Timotius from Jakarta, Indonesia.

I’m Ivan Channel fans since early beginning
( I think when the channel subscriber still in 1,000 members).

My background is IT and ERP business process background since early 1990.
Start from AS/400 ERP System (BPCS) to Oracle E-Businness Suite.
From programming to business consulting for ERP implementation.

My involvement in crypto world beginning with the word “Ethereum” in google search.
I’m one of co-founder Indonesia Blockchain Network (
An non-profit blockchain organization advocacy group, accommodating and facilitating the growth of distributed ledger and digital asset technology in Indonesia.

Thank you and very exciting to become this big crypto family.



Hi I’m Paul, an architect (of buildings). I’ve been really interested in tech since being dragged into using computers for my work. I love 3D modelling and I teach it to architects engineers and designers. I also run a kids club where we have a 3D printer. I love coming up with ideas and things to print.

I even modelled my home town and printed it.

I also made maps of it.

I’m always interested in new things. I found the idea of cryptocurrencies fascinating, even though I thought it could probably never work or succeed. I was delighted to have my suspicions quelled. In any case I bought some bitcoin in 2013 and held on through highs and lows.

Looking forward to a bright future for blockchain. I’m hoping that it will enable me to sell my skills properly.


I don’t have any programming / coding knowledge at all (my background is in the music industry). I really hope that I will not have to ask for help way too often, but if I do, please try to help as I am completely clueless.
I joined the crypto space approx. 18 months ago. I spend many hours per day educating myself. My favoured project is Elastos and if I learn to code, my dream would be to help them out at some point in the very (?) distant future.
Wish me luck.
Georgios from London / UK


Hi. I’m Pat from Michigan in the US. I have been following crypto since Feb 2017 and have multiple currency positions and am even mining. I am getting into the coding to see if there is a way to leverage my 35 years experience as an engineer in the power industry into this space. I also have a young son who is going into Computer Engineering.

Nice to be a part of your community. Not into Brazilian Ju-Jitsu but am a 5th Dan in Tang So So.


Hello guys!!!
I am French but left France 30 years ago. Been living in London for the last 16 years…
I am a new guy in your community. Signed up this afternoon! Very motivated.

I have never wrote a single line of code in my life :slight_smile: but I am finishing a Master in Digital Currencies and Blockchain technology at University of Nicosia. (And one of my teachers was Andreas Antonopoulos!)

I know quite a lot of theory on Bitcoin and blockchain (See my linkedin profile) but my programming skils are very very poor (Actually, I am clueless).

I always defined myself as a “non-tecky” kind of guy. I want to prove myself wrong and start building stuff!

I might need some time to get used to the course and this forum but I am now writing my Master thesis and I might need some insight from you guys! On Ricardian smart contracts, building an exchange, a token, launch an ICO, etc.

What can I do for you? As I said; I know a lot about the ecosystem and I am very creative. so don’t hesitate to ask me stuff.


Hi everyone. My name is Max. I was born in Russia, lived in Canada for the past 20 years, and am now traveling and living in South East Asia with my wife. I have some exposure to programming, but I would like to become much more proficient. I first became interested in cryptocurrency about a year ago, and would love to develop my programming skills enough to contribute to projects. I am very excited to join this community and start writing code!


Hi my name is Dre, I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn… Thank you Ivan on Tech and Team for making this course affordable!