Introduce yourself


Hi All -

I just joined the community and am looking forward to building a deeper knowledge of blockchain applications and uses. I’ve been a developer/manager for a number of years and currently work on Wall Street in product development.

Looking forward to talking and working with all of you.

Best Wishes -




I’m Alexander. I live in not so sunny part of California - San Francisco.
Interested in getting to know more about crypto technology.

Have been in different kind of software development since early 2000.

Have fun!


Hey Fabrice, Ja hoor, Nederlands is mijn moedertaal :wink: Ik ben ook van het topjaar 1981.


Hi! Every One. My name is Choi come from China. I am so happy to join Ivan group. It is not easy to come here because the Great Wall in my country. I invested some money into Bitcoin, Eos, Icon. I want to learn more about technical aspect of blockchain, so I decided to join to this group.


I’m looking to transition into working in Blockchain fulltime: consulting, trading, teaching, advising, mining, etc.

What’s your approach been thus far in demonstrating credibility in your ability to consult/teach/advise? I’m interested in doing this as well, just curious how you plan on spearheading your efforts!


Hello Everyone!
My name is Tim and I am currently in Oregon in the US. Im 46 and have a varied background; my degree is Mathematics, I have worked in education, construction, and drove a semi in the oilfield. I also have done some art including most recently some painting.
I started following Ivan on Tech several months ago as my way to learn about the blockchain space. I am a big fan of the technology and its potential benefits.


Well, I’ve taken Ivan’s other course, am enrolled in the U. of Nicosia MS in Digital Currency course, stay up-to-date on as much as I can (through Twitter/Youtube/Cryptopanic/local meetups/etc), and go to Blockchain conferences and network with people I know in the space. I also just started my own LLC in order to provide more and better consulting services.

I think it’s hard to get started and most companies don’t know what to look for so you’ve really got to put yourself out there or make something happen for yourself. I see you’ve been active in this forum so that’s a good start. Living in/near a blockchain hotspot wouldn’t hurt either (Boston/NY/SanFran).


my name is SAI i completed my banchelor engineering recently and when i heard aboutthe blockchain technology it seems something best compared when we are at so i decided to do course in the technology and be a part in coming revolution in this technology


Hello Ivan and everybody, Robert here from Denmark, at the moment living in Budapest. Been following Ivan on tech and the market since December 2017, looking forward to learn from scratch:-)


Hi everyone!
I am Mikhail, from Voronezh (Russia)
In blockchain since oktober 2017
I believe that blockchain has a huge potencial and I try to better understand technical aspect of this industry!


Hello, I purchased this course on Pre-Sale. Life has just been busy since I bought it. I am finally sitting down to work on it a bit. I am a long time fan of Ivan. I listen to him daily on my way to work. (I am a lurker in the dark) I have some basic programing knowledge from back in High School 20+ years ago. I am most familiar with programing in Visual Basic as back in High School I attempted to create a WW III game which I never got around to finishing. I have been an active investor in the Crypto space since May of 2017. I am here in hopes to help push the crypto space into the mainstream. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. I’m glad to be here and look forward to working with everyone


Hello Everybody! I am Jugal from Berlin Germany. I am doing my research Internship on Blockchain use in Business. After understanding the Basics of Blockchain i am here to learn Smart contract programming… Looking forward to the course. I thank heartly to Ivam and Phillip for organizing the Course…


Hi I’m Alex, 29 & live in the netherlands - looking to close the gap between my intellectual understanding of crypto & blockchain (fairly good) and my practical skills (which are zero). Looking forward to the journey! Thx everyone involved xx


Hello my name is Sundeep and i’m a blockoholic. I’m an I.T professional but yearning for more intellectual stimulation. I have basic coding knowledge in Python and JavaScript and am looking to further my practical experience with Blockchain and Smart Contracts programming.

Thank you,


We’re in the same boat, pre-sale and just sitting down for it!


Hi. I’m Julia from Israel :israel: I start learning smart contract programming. Hope it won’t be very difficult for me, no metter that I’m a girl)) Thanks Ivan for this course and good luck for me :heart:


Hello fam, I’m Ede, I schooling in Saskatoon, Canada. New to blockchain and have a keen interest in Etherium.


I’m a 74 year old retired executive from an electronics test and measurement manufacturer. Although I did learn some programming as part of my BSEE, it was long ago (mid-60s) using machine language with punched cards and paper tape inputs (LOL). Later I used BASIC programming in some business courses as part of my MBA. I’ve been investing in cryptos since July 2017 and am interested in learning more about blockchain technology. I’m beginning with the Blockchain Business Masterclass, may then progress to Blockchain Deep Fundamentals but will probably not do Smart Contract Programming.


My grandparents just turned 80 and don’t even have or now how to use a computer! I really like to see multiple generations active in this space! You’re 74 years young. Welcome, Bill!! :slight_smile:


Thanks FaierPlay! My mother (deceased 10 years ago at age 101) was born in 1907 and it was truly amazing to think about all the things she saw in her lifetime (airplanes, electricity, etc). With developments like AI/ML coupled with blockchain, we are also going to see mind-boggling changes during our lifetime. Exciting times are ahead of us!