Introduce yourself


Hi everyone!

I’m Navin from Bangalore, India. I’m a partner in a human centered consulting firm that advises senior business leaders on their strategy. We got the opportunity to take on a client about 2 years ago (I think), who had a cryptcurrency exchange in India. He wanted to start an e-magazine that would try to provide information to Indian crypto investors that could grow the investor community and eventually also influence the government when it comes to crypto regulation.

Long story short, we never got the client’s business, but he introduced us to a fascinating new world. While we invested (marginally) in the exchanges, what we invested was time in learning about blockchain and all its promises. And in that journey came up on wizards like Ivan who connected us to other people in the space.

We attended crypto conferences in India and abroad, ran discussions for our clients and other friends who were blissfully unaware of the quiet (then quiet :slight_smile: ) revolution in blockchain. And a couple of us also took Ivan’s first course on Blockchain Deep Fundamentals. It was incredible! What an amazing job done! To give you guys an example of how good it was, someone I know was one of the lead lawyers representing all the Indian Cryptoexchanges in their fight against the government and the central bank when it came to crypto regulation. But what I knew from Ivan allowed me to clarify why the central bank’s position was invalid very simply. Something that even the exchanges he spoke to couldn’t do. That’s how strong your fundamentals get with this course.

So I’m hoping that this programming course, for a non programmer, can’t-even-do-the-sophisticated-buttons-on-the-microwave kind of guy like me will still be brilliant.

Happy to meet you all. And my apologies for joining this course so late. Like everything else, life came at us fast. And this got shelved. No more!!!


My name Alex, and I am here to learn more about blockchain and cypto-currencies, not a programmer/developer, did not do programing since collage days.


Hi! I’m Dani from Barcelona, and I’m a software developer (although nowadays I’m more involved in team management roles, but still coding :slightly_smiling_face: ). I enrolled to this course because I want to learn more about blockchain technology and, especially, how business can benefit from it. Thanks for the course Ivan!


I’m Mike. I’m from the USA (near Washington D.C.). I’ve been following Ivan for quite some time and I’m looking forward to taking this course. I’m a software developer/product manager and have already dabbled in smart contract development. Looking to round out my skill set with the business class.


Hi Ivan ,

I am Saurabh Jain from India & super passionate learner of distributed ledger technology & blockchain . Hope i get a good learning curve and similar mindshare kind of people on this paradigm.


Saurabh Jain


HI everyone. My name is Huang. Trying to learn more about blockchain and stuffs. Hope to learn from all of you.


Hi Mark, I am based in Brisbane, however I do travel down the East Coast regularly. Let’s grab a beer if you come up to QLD anytime soon.


Dear all,

my name is Peter. I am an IT Senior Manager consulting global corporates (> 1bn revenue) in strategic and tactical IT matters with special focus on SAP software. See the big industry trend for DLT coming and ramping up consulting and software development business therefore.

Highly interested to network and find potential business partners



Hi Navin,

Happy to hear words from you. I am also big fun of Swiss guy(Ivan) .

It’s great community to be part of it. I am from Delhi and probably has plan to Deploy my own solution to Blockchain based.

Whenever you come to Delhi , please let me know we can have cup of coffee about Blockchain :joy:

Or If I have plans to come Banglore will let you know about it .

Keep in touch man.


Hi everyone 👋

I’m Fabrice Manzo. I live in Belgium with my girlfriend and 2 awesome kids (Lucca & Levi Manzo).
I love programming and tweaking things. Ivan trusted me as a moderator on his Facebook group ‘Blockchain Deep Fundamentals’. I’m also lucky to be a moderator on his YouTube channel. I’m still busy on the Coding course (dapps), so time to time I will check this course as well. I still need to learn a lot, and I don’t have a lot of ‘business’ knowledge. so I’m very curious about this course.

Have a great ‘Study’ :+1:

GreetZz ZioManzo


Hello, Dominique is the name and blockchain is the game! This technology is undoubtedly going to change the world and I feel honored to be at the start of it. Let’s change the world into a better place!


Hi Everyone,
I am Ryan Louper. Most people call me Loup (Loop). I am very excited to be here building and learning with everyone. Ivan has opened the perfect gateway to building a strong foundation within the Blockchain space on multiple levels. I also began by researching and investing in crypto and the interest grew.

  • Loup


Hi, everyone, my name is Alice from China. I work for FMZ Quant, writing crypto trading strategy and translate crypto articles. If you have any questions about trading strategy, love to share experience.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Glad to join this community, thank you Ivan for organizing this community.


Hi Guys!

I am abhijit (Abhi) from India…

I am the Founder and CEO of a software development company and we work mostly on eGovernance projects…

Blockchain is my new love and trying to get into this space with learning mostly online and found Ivan as one of the great teacher in this space…

I have attended few of the Blockcahin conferences and planning to visit Blockshow2018 Singapore in November.

I also own a pub in my home town Guwahati and when not working do play classic rock in the pub in the late evening and mostly in the weekends…

Previously I worked in Germany in the healthcare device industry.

Looking forward to participate in this community and contribute.



Hi Everyone,

I am Ben and just getting started with learning how to program for the blockchain and smart contracts. Excited about all the information in the course.

Thanks Ivan for putting all this information together.


Hi I am Andrew from Edmonton, Canada . I am intrested to hear Ivans thoughts on Hashgraph system of decentralization and the Hedera public network. The Though-put is exponentially greater than Ethereum and 1/100 of penny transaction costs. Has this been discussed earlier & I missed it ? I am planning to use it to support a new app in devopment. Would love some feed back before investing resources .Thx


Hi everyone! My name is Abraham Kim and I’m a film student located in Los Angeles, California. I joined this course after following Ivan and his work on social media. When I found about his course I enrolled immediately. I don’t have any prior knowledge of coding, and this is one reason why I chose Ivan’s course; however, I do have aptitude for technical understanding and have prior conceptual knowledge of blockchain.

I’m taking this course as a larger “self-education” program I’m implementing to teach myself the core skills needed to build my future content creation company. Like I wrote in my profile, I’m envisioning a next-generation media company that utilizes an Ethereum-based propietary operational interface to manage all of its financial and legal operations. This is especially relevant in the entertainment business, because lack of transparency/inefficiency/error leads to many complications both with content creators and financial investors.

I’m hoping that, through this course, I will gain a much better understanding of blockchain and smart contracts and actually gain some hands-on experience creating this stuff.


I am Raf, I live in Belgium and I’m currently 37 years of age.
When I was younger, due to medical reasons I spend a lot of time behind a computer and I discovered the Internet pretty early on. Gaming was never really my thing except for Leisure suit Larry, Police Quest, commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D and Megarace. I guess I liked Zelda on the Nintendo too.

My first computer was a Macintosh plus. Then i switched to a PC.

I had my first basic HTML website in 1998. This was very basic HTML, then later came some PHP but I must say I never really was much into programming and never really took the time to learn it well. I was more into servers and I became Interested in Linux.

Althou it was spending all my time behind the computer, I did not become a system administrator or developer. I became more of an allround guy. My business card used to say “creative all-rounder with geekish tendencies” as I got more invested in marketing, product development and project management.

Today my business card says Expert Digital Banking. Wich means i’m spending my workdays helping customers using digital platforms for their daily banking needs. I’m in first and second line of support and in an advisory capacity. no where near development or strategy when it comes to digital banking as such.

That’s why I got interested in Blockchain and want to take the time now to learn development skills, because this knowledge and skill will most certainly become valuable in the future of my day to day job.

I’m sure I will learn a lot and I hope for the most part that I will get to know cool, interesting like minded people here.

Good luck to everyone with the course!


I’m Kade, aka ProfessorHODL, aka BlocKade. I’ve been following BTC since late 2012 and been investing in Crypto since early 2016. I’m looking to transition into working in Blockchain fulltime: consulting, trading, teaching, advising, mining, etc. I am a #HODLWARRIOR.

You can follow me on Instagram (block.kade), Twitter (@KadeBlock), Steemit (@blockkade), and Youtube (BlocKade Hodlson). I recommend my Steemit and Twitter the most.

I took Professor Ivan’s Deep Fundamentals course and found it valuable. I’m now taking the Blockchain Business Course while I’m co-currently getting a Masters in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia.

I also enjoy BMX, table tennis, Ultimate, MTB, weightlifting, rock-climbing, and playing ukulele/piano.

I currently live in between Providence and Boston in the USA. I’m HODLing on for a brighter tomorrow! Cheers.


Ha Ha ha, Leisure Suit Larry!

I had this on my 80286 Computer when I was a kid 😉 Spreek je Nederlands? Ik ben van 1981

groetjes Fabrice