Introduce yourself


That’s my next stage… I am currently working on the business model and valid business case avoiding becoming another “me too!”. I am in the very early stage. Yourself?


Hello Everyone, I am Lionell Jenious – last name can be pronounced “JENWAH”. I am located in North America and live in NEY YORK / Westchester County.

I am enrolled in both Blockchain Business Masterclass, as well as Coding Smart Contracts course.

Prior to Blockchain:
I have spent the majority of my career in Information Technology Engineering (legacy centralized networks, systems!) and have worked for startups to large enterprise fortune companies…

As we should come to expect, technology is ever evolving; we are now in the very early era of Internet 3.0 aka Blockchain.

With that said. I am very excited to be a part of such a dynamic intriguing community of forward thinking individuals; advocates of Blockchain.

I hope to hear more about you via the duration of this course…

Thanks for reading!

Regards /



Greetings everyone! I am Ruth Nunez and I have just started Ivan’s Blockchain Business course. I am excited about leveraging this technology through my companies existing infrastructure. I look forward to interacting with you.


I was hoping Ivan would go through the process of building a blockchain with this course, and we would end up with one basic example at the end. I’m collaborating with others on different project, one has to do with education , trading and investment in Blockchain. Another has to do with implementing blockchain on an exporter of coco bean in the Cameroon and I’m currently trying see if it’s possible to develop a local currency economy with blockchain. Hopefully one of them takes off but I do believe that you cant do it all, eventually I’ll have to settle my attention on only one. Have you read the book ‘Story Driven’ by Bernadett Jiwa? I think it’s one of the best books I have read about business for today, it’s not about Blockchain though. What do you know about Business Intelligence?


Thanks for the positive motivation bro! These kinds of comments really help one to become more and more self-confident in programming.

I hope to see myself coding some " ! high quality " games inside the blockchains :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
My name is Nathan, and I am from California. I am a marketing agent, web developer, investor, and blockchain enthusiast. I have been in the space since late November of last year. It has been a rough year, but in it for the long term. Trying to get in about 35-40 hours of research a week. Right now taking a few online classes from various people in the space. Hope to see good things from this course.

  • Nathan J.


Hi one and All

Im Karl Adman and Music Marketeer who is now obsessed with Blockchain and how it will change the World, not just through industry and commerce but equalising the World’s wealth and opportunity for all. As an entrepreneur who is constantly inventing Blockchain offers me, and the rest of us, so many new and innovative ways to create new dynamic business opportunities come alive. The DLT is here to stay and I for one want to embrace this right now.


Hello Friends,

I am a Business development Intern at B&IT Berlin germany. We are very well establish Software Development comapny and want to exapnd our Business in Block Chain. We are creating a Business plan to create our own Block chain and a Crypto Tokens. I am looking forward to meet other Business Developers in this forum.

Greetings, Kirti


Hi Ivan and the community,

I am Karan and I live in Bangalore. Glad to be a part of the Blockchain Business Masterclass. I currently work in the community management role for a startup in the industry. Prior to this I was working for Accenture for the better part of this decade. I joined the course to gain more insights into the industry and to continue my learning in the sphere. Colleges and enterprises are garnering this acute interest for hyper-ledger fabric and I want to know why.

Looking forward! Happy to be here.



My name is Abe and live in Denver CO,U.S. and have enrolled in the Blockchain Business Masterclass. With the primary goal in developing core blockchain coding team(s) to be able to develop projects and placement of those projects with service maintenance for those business application for business as they evolve.

Currently I manage my 5 year old online marketing and web development company for online and offline companies. I am managing sales and marketing which include SEO and paid ads and new development all which is outsource to expert sources.

I am interested in learning about new business developments for use in blockchain coding that would help business application. I am interest in meeting other sales and marketing mind developers.

And I just want to say I appreciate Ivan and his team.


Hi I am Rohan.
I have been dipping in and out of Etherium and smart contracts for the last year or so and I am looking forward to Ivan’s course - I am a big fan if his YT channel.
I hope to see some of you around soon.


Hi, I’m Mark from :australia: . I’m a Network Engineer by trade. Been discovering and learning blockchain tech for about 18 months now. I’m halfway through Ivans coding course, but also very interested in the business and project management side.


HI Kane, I’m :australia: too… I’m in Melbourne… are you close by? Cheers, Mark.


Donald here from Slovenia. Already did Ivan’s and Filip’s Smart Contract course and now I’m looking forward to do the Blockchain Business.

I started programming 20+ years ago and have some experience in AI. I’m quite experienced in Facebook ads optimization. Worked for a national telecom for number of years as independent project leader working mostly on core system integration and left after 7 years and started my own company. Did a speaking gig at OUG (Oracle User Group) on cloud computing back in 2010. In 2015 I went trough all the Johns Hopkins University data science specialization clases at and got invited by JHU staff to help out as a TA. After that I did Facebook Ads and after that in 2017 I started slowly migrating into crypto. I left out a lot that’s my long story short.

Looking forward on networking with my peers so feel free to reach out to me.

Welcome to this community!


Hi Fellow Students!
I had hardware issues, but worked lots of overtime and bought a laptop dedicated to Ivan’s courses! So, I’m back and now up to two courses. It’s going to be work, but that’s what it takes! You rock, Ivan!


Hi this is Jay from Sydney Australia! I’m 25% through Ivan’s coding course and now starting Blockchain for Business. I’m in business operations & project management, and working my way into starting a blockchain consultancy. Love to meet local blockchain people, lets start a blockchain revolution down under! :australia::koala:


Hello my name is James, online, I normally go by Baidis. I am from Canada and first found out about Bitcoin in 2011; after briefly trying to mine it while in college I moved on. In 2015/2016, I briefly looked at Crypto while looking into the stock market, I could not understand how bitcoin could possibly be $200 each and quickly moved on again. Then in the summer 2017 I found myself looking at Crypto once again. It has now become my passion - both cryptocurrency, and other Blockchain use cases.

In the last year, I have been educating myself as many hours a day as I can about Blockchain. My wife says I eat, sleep and breath it. I have used YouTube, Twitter, white papers, books, Ivan’s course “Blockchain Fundamentals”, and local networking groups. I enjoyed the opportunity at one event to have a conversation with Vitalik about Plasma. I am currently part of the DAPS Coin team at and I look forward to meeting more people interested in Blockchain technology.


Hello everybody!
My name is Wojtek and i’m music producer/drummer. I jumped into crypto in march 2018. I discovered bitcoin around two years before but I had no time to dig into the subject deeper. From march 2018 i began to learn about it seriously and I can honestly say that, from that time, there was no day in my life without digging new projects, learning technology or examining economic aspects of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Due to Ivan’s show i can say that right now i’m a crypto addict. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I want to develop myself more and meet people interested in blockchain. I’m based in SW London. Feel free to contact me if you want to hang out.
Ivan - the course looks amazing! I really appreciate what you are doing guys!
btw: in case someone wants to check my music:


Hi guys,

my name is Chris, i´m from Stuttgart (Germany) and at the moment working as a consultant at EY. We are setting up different blockchain projects in our department, regarding market places, real estate funds, land registers and others.
I´m following Ivan since last summer, when i started to learn about blockchain technology. I´m happy to be part of this community and i think we will have a lot of fun learning about blockchain together :wink:


Hello everyone,

I’m Jenni, and I’m glad to be part of this group. :smiley:

I’m grateful for this opportunity of learning for a newbie in the technology like me. I do hope a productive future and good success for all of us here in this new endeavour of ours. :pray: :high_brightness:

To @Ivan and @Filip, thank GOD for both of you for being used as channels of blessings for us. Keep up the good work and more power! :+1: