Introduce yourself


My name is Peter, from Australia. I’m 60, so probably one of the older students here. Like many in my generation I was an early adopter of the internet and I’m excited to be an early adopter of these new decentralised technologies.

I’m hoping what I learn in this course will help me understand how blockchain projects can be initiated and implemented in developing nations to improve the lives of the people.


Hi Ivan and Every one.

Myself, Ganesh, 34, from Bangalore, India. Having great experience on programming/software development on over 12+ years, specifically on C/C++/Java/JS/Linux. I’m looking myself to learn new upcoming technology. Though there are lot of stuff like Automation, AI, Bigdata, Machine Learning etc., are available I’m choosing Block chain technology because I convinced, it has potential of disrupting entire business models IT/ Supply chain/ Banking / Retailing etc.,

I researched and followed many online courses but Ivan is something different, he puts the real time problems and explained with proofs detailedly and following him on youTube since last couple of months.

I joining the course to understand the implementation of Block chain in project manager perspective.

Thanks !

“Learning is the continue process of life”


Hey guys…my name is AJ. Just started the business course. Looking forward meeting and networking with like minded people and having some great conversations.


Greetings, All!

I live in Las Vegas and work in Poker and graphic design. I really got into crypto and blockchain about 8 months ago, and I’ve been consuming content and learning as much as possible since then. I recently signed up for Ivan’s business course, as he’s been one of my main “go-to’s” in the crypto youtube space.

Thank you, Ivan, for creating this community, and all that you’ve done to educate people in crypto. I’m stoked to be here and can’t wait to learn more.



Hi all,
I am from London and invested in Cryptos for a while. Been following Ivan’s Good Morning Crypto for a few months - great job Ivan I must say. Learning all the time.
I work for a software company but not in a proper technical role. Taking the plunge to learn more on this course - Blockchain Business Masterclass.
Have some crypto business ideas with one on the go in development with my Brother (the techie one of us!).
Let do this!


Hello Everyone, My name is Patrick and I am from Toronto. I got into crypto investing around February of this year. Before that I was in I.T. for many years. I was starting to see that my skills within the I.T. field were becoming less and less sought after. I got into crypto to invest but now I see that becoming a blockchain developer is a good idea and in demand.



Hello Ivan

My Name is Remi , i live in Baltimore MD , my background is in Software Applications support for the Financial Services Industry, i got very interested in crypto in 2015 and i am very excited about the future of blockchain and DLT .

i believe its going to change the way we do banking and just about everything else , hence i feel very blessed to be able to get involved in this tech at this early stage of its adoption



Hi all!

I am a singing IT project manager and investor running two companies (IT consulting/music and property) in Sweden and UK. I got into mining some years ago and this spring I studied Bitcoin and blockchain technology at the university to understand the fundamentals AND… I really like Ivans’ morning shows.

My aim with this masterclass is to be able to advise my customers on proper solutions for different challenges where blockchain and crypto might be the solution (or not…!) We need that expertise to be able to make proper decisions and I’m glad that I will be among the first! I love challenges and I love to network and I love to sing…!

Don’t be a lurker! Good luck to us all on this course, looking forward getting to know you girls! :slight_smile:

[Listen to me on Spotify when you have a break if you want…]


Hi All,

I’m Abu, I came across Ivan on Youtube and jumped at the opportunity to sign up to the Blockchain enterprise course Ivan and Co have put together.

I first came across Bitcoin back in 2014, bought some and sold 2 years later after it had stagnated and dropped to $400 - would have been laughing all the way to the bank if I held onto them…anyways, I came back to the crypto space after last years mooning and have been heavily trading and investing in ICO’s since.

I’ve been studying Blockchain platforms both public and private and now wish to put it all together with Ivan’s help.

I look forward to learning all about the enterprise Blockchain with you all!!


Finally I found the post/reply button, hope I’m not the only one that struggled with that.

I’ve just started the course, I’m really just looking for one or two other people I can keep in contact why doing this course because I think it’s important to feel like you in a team when you doing such a big course. I would like to set goals with timelines with you and help motivate you during the course.

If you interested, send a message and lets chat, maybe we a match.

Good luck everyone.


Hi Oleg! Hope you still enjoy Jönköping!

Kindly, Maria


I also searched for the reply at the top first… smart though to have it at the bottom… made me read the previous message.

Let’s go team!


Thank you, Maria! Yes, I do (as you’ve probably seen on my Steem account). It’s a lovely city. And I’m really liking my studies and learning a lot of new things about investments and finance. Next month we’ll have a course in FinTech. I cannot wait!


Well, I still haven’t found out the way to work with SteemIt… I’ve tried to be a bit active (as active as I find time to be on social media platforms) and I’m more or less posting things to my self… :smile: I kind of don’t go there to often I’m afraid as I don’t have that patience. So I tried, at least but not too hard perhaps. Ok, great to meet you here also! See you around!


Hello my name is Anthony but call me Tony.
I am a crypto currency analyst and media editor for Coinschedule the ICO listing site. I hope to further my abilities on this course and use them to help aid Coinschedule and the wider crypto/blockchain movement to achieve their objectives.


Hi all! My name is Dejan.
I work as a Consultant in IT-Project-Management for one of the big 4 consulting companies.

Additionally I work on a blockchain project, where I and some friends develop a blockchain based multiplayer online game based on Ethereum. Currently we develop the prototype and write the whitepaper for our ICO.

Looking forward to improve my knowledge about blockchain and build a network where we can all together work on the blockchain revolution! :smiley:


that’s awesome work man…!!

keep it up


Hi everyone!

This seems like quite the intelligent and forward thinking community, seems like quite the place to learn. I’m currently starting a project that in itself has nothing to do with blockchain but I think there’s room to innovate to that further down the line. Either way looking forward to share ideas with you experienced people! :smile:


Good afternoon everyone,

My name is Jaime (Criptómata) and I have been in technology operations for my entire career. Finished Smart Contract class, which was mostly beyond my scope of daily work, BUT it gave me a general understanding of programming overall. I have been waiting for your Business Masterclass as this is where I shine. Looking forward to adding blockchain to my existing business operations management and business development skillsets!

Thank you Ivan, Filip and Toshi Times Community!

Looking forward to evolving from the :male_detective: Lurker stage into Engaged Leader :mage: !


Hey Guatever, that’s a tong twister!! I’ve just started the Smart Contract course, man you must have flown like an eagle. I’m thinking it’s going to take me a year. Did you make your own blockchain?