Introduce yourself


Hi, I’m Christian, I have been studying Blockchain for about two years, now adding it to the Internet of Things technology for NYC Smart City Architecture. I’m also looking to integrate Blockchain into the Supply Chain and Asset Ledger for the City of New York that I created a simple framework for: If your ever in NYC, please give me a call!


Hi! I’m Jeff. I started getting interested in Blockchain a few months ago when I started re-assessing my software career and job-searching. I took Ivan’s Deep Fundamentals course which I learned a lot from, so I decided to take his Business Masterclass, which I started a few minutes ago. I look forward to connecting with folks across the world and seeing what we can learn from each other.


Hi! I’m Karen and new to blockchain and programming both. I have taken Ivan’s course on Blockchain Deep Fundamentals and learned a lot. I have also been following him and other blockchain experts on Youtube though I still have so much to learn. Looking forward to learning with you all!


Hello there, so pleased to be part of this community. I live in Vermont USA. I am a newbie and a baby boomer. I understand this field to be for younger folks but I am excited by its potential for change, so here I am.


Hi CrytoHeroine,
I too am a newbie and babyboomer and very happy to hear other folks near my age are engaging here as well. Have fun and let’s learn lots!


Karen, Hi, so nice tom meet you, pleased I am not alone (as an older person) in this exciting and evolving field.


Hi everyone!

Josh here. I’m currently a CPA working in a Big 4 accounting firm, but about to transition into a Venture Capital startup investing purely in Blockchain technology.

I have been obsessively learning about everything blockchain since November 2017.

Although I keep my investing in stocks at the moment, I have become passionate about the potential for blockchain to disrupt so many incumbent businesses and industries (including investing itself. Yay tokenization!).

Super excited to get to know many of you here and learn and grow together.

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye (as @ivan would say).



I suspect there are more of us on here than just the two of us but I am amazed at how few of my friends even realize this is out there. Guess I’ll just have to learn and then help them learn. Have a great day!:grinning:


Hello! My name’s Charles Markette, I am building my own project called ResourceToken, and I work for some consultants that do the same things as Ivan and Filip for Stockholm Blockchain.

I’m from Texas. My last jobs were as an executive assistant / IT for a doctor, and being a call center manager for Apple iOS Troubleshooting.

If you have a LinkedIn, send me a connection request here. Really looking forward to meeting, and learning in depth about this tech with some of you! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’m Saurabh (pronounced saw-rub). I’ve been a trader/investor primarily in the stock market and then the crypto markets since over a year now. I’ve been using the downtime in the markets to teach myself web and blockchain development. So far, I’ve tinkered with technologies such as Node.js, MongoDB, React and Python. Super excited about this course and I look forward to learning and growing together!


Hi All,
I am new to both blockchain and programming. I have taken Ivan’s Deep Fundamentals course and followed him and others on You Tube. I live in the USA and am a field biologist. I have some very vague ideas about how the blockchain could help with environmental issues. I, of course, need a better understanding of programming and blockchain restraints and abilities to solidify any of these ideas. And so here I am. Looking forward to learning more with you all. Thanks Ivan!


Hello everyone,


My name is Oleg. I was born in Southern Russia, but I’ve been living in Sweden for the past 12 years.

I got interested in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies about two years ago. I see an enormous potential for this technology to disrupt many traditional processes and well-established businesses, especially in the financial industry

I am currently studying MSc programme in “International Financial Analysis” at the Jönköping International Business School in Sweden. In the future I hope to work in a FinTech company that implements projects with Blockchain. This course should help me equip myself with knowledge and skills that I need in order to achieve this goal.


Hi, I’m etsit, a programmer that wants to get a larger perspective of project management and how blockchain can move our world forward. Thank you all for participating and our teachers for your efforts! :slight_smile:


my name is Vaughn I live in Canada skiing is my passion and Blockchain Tec has become my new passion I am very excited to be taking the Blockchain Business Masterclass to learn the business aspects my new found passion. so thank you Ivan and everyone who helped put this class together I look forward to acquiring the tools needed to become a leader in blockchain business.


Hello! My name is James and I am the Marketing Manager for a company named SoMee. We are a blockchain based social network working to be the main social hub for the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, as well as the mainstream in the near future.

I’m still pretty new to the industry but I’m learning super fast! After only 2 months of being in the industry, I’ve found Ivan to be my go to source for education in the space.

I live in Las Vegas currently,I’m a new dad with a 2 year old. I’m looking forward to learning and diving into this course!

Let’s do this!


Hi ! My name is Rodrigo, i am 26 years old and currently living in Lima (Peru).
I have been interested in blockchain and crypto since march of last year. First as an investor and now i want to develop or be involved in a real business that uses blockchain. This technology is very new in Peru, people is recently starting to talk about it but there are no known experts ! So i want to be one of the first.


Hi i am ashish sharma i am a youtuber from india channel name CRYPTOVERSE. i want to learn more and more about blockchain space. i want to archive more and more mile stones in term of learning about blockchain and teach people from those learning.


Hey guys,

Started out my path on the wrong side (unintentional black-hat hacker) in my early days, studied programming in highschool. Under/after highschool i’ll became a poker pro, lasted for almost 10years (no coding under that period). Last 3-4 years i’ve been spending much time too dive into coding again & also found out about blockchain. Except reading source codes i like fishing!



hi julien, I look forward to seeing you on crypto rev


HI Burak,
I am not a natural coder either. But don’t be too impressed, it just like learning how to be a car mechanic, or a bicycle repair man, or learning math. You just learn, practice and off you go.