Introduce yourself


Hi all,
I’m from Turkey.
I’ve never learned any kind of coding, 33 years old, signed up for this a few months ago, finally found the courage to start the course. God help me :smiley:

I wish good luck to crypto world and everyone here. Cheers!


Hi all,
I’m from Turkey.
I’ve never learned any kind of coding, 33 years old, signed up for this a few months ago, finally found the courage to start the course. God help me :smiley:

I wish good luck to crypto world and everyone here. Cheers!


Hi, my name is Jaroslav and come from Czech Republic, I am in minin and blockchain almost 2 years, I have been watching your videos since I started whit this. Now I decidet go further and deeper with knowledge of this interesting technology.
Ivan, thank you for making this issue more understandable for us beginners and for a price that everyone can afford.
Looking forward to smash it all…:wink:D


This is Dan, automotive engineer interested in programming and in blockchain for the automotive industry in particular. Very few experience w/ programming so far. Finally made it to the course.


Im Jotta and live in Stockholm!
I l want learn about progamming thats why i join you.
I am know a taxi driver ditt my kan company.
I hope i can learn fast because tid de allt interesting!!


hey everyone, ali here, im a technology consultant with background of consulting for amazon/amex/webmd/cbs tv. currently working on a blockchain based start up with some amazing people and need to get my hands chained! :wink:


Hi everyone! I am Kenji, a bank worker who is amazed with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and want to be part of this new model that is rising. I hope to learn a lot from you guys!


Hi All,
I live in north of Poland. and I work in IT.
After 1Yr of experience with crypto I can say I’m addicted.
Thanks Ivan for the great content on YT and courses.


Hi everyone! I am a former process engineer that left the field cold turkey, and now attempting to be an entrepreneur, LOL. I find the new developments on the internet exciting (maybe combine that with FOMO), so this year, I started learning as much as I can to be part of this. Ivan is one of the first people who made this world interesting to me, so thank you and I hope to learn more from him and the different members of this community. See you guys around.


Saumya here. New on programming. Need to start from basics. Looking forward to completing this course.


hi all shubham here



Hello my name is dialem Dot. My field of work had nothing to do with Blockchane - I work as a make up artist - was introduced to crypto last year during my summer holidays through my brother . He had gotten interested in crypto a few months earlier and thought it a great opportunity.
A few months past till I could get started in October.
Since then I’ve become more and more interested, also in the technology around and behind it. I started to watch and follow different YouTubers and came across Ivan.
He is easy to understand in his explanations and his enthusiasm is infectious
I’m very impressed by his knowledge and the facilities for leaning that he offers and am looking forward to be learninga great deal over the next few months.


Hi, I’m Ajae from Malaysia. Don’t know much about Blockchain but I’m not missing this train!

Nice to meet everyone :wink:


My Name is Frank, I’m a Forester living in England although I am Scottish. I’m just learning about Tech on the other course - so playing catch up. My expertise as an MBA and chartered Manager, is in Management and Business and I’m the principle at FinglisCave Management and Sustainable business consulting network.

I have a 14 year old son called James and I’m trying to imagine what his world will be like? A lot different from mine I reckon? Anyway great to be part of the group.

AMA on Management/Business aspects - (I’ll need help with the tech stuff no doubt!

As Aye!


Hi my profile explains the complex character that I am, probably leaving some people even more confused.
I’ve been aware of bitcoin since 2011, but it’s since etherium, EOS NEO & ADA that I’ve begun to take the technology seriously. I have a diploma in Systems analysts and design from 10 years ago. I’ve been a hobbyist miner off and on more so now I have solar power offset on my energy costs. And lastly I’m married to a computer programmer that is doing this course as well.
We are looking forward to doing this course to inspire us to maybe develop a potential project if it has a realistic use case and user experience.


Hi All, I am Zuriko (Zurab Sanikidze)

I work for a fintech that offers blockchain services so I am trying to be at the top of the knowledge chain

I have a Banking & Finance background, studied Business Administration and am living the crypto hype since its early days. Now, as it became professional, I am chasing information as if I knew nothing about crypto.

My goal is to contribute to the democratization of the crypto-ecosystem by participating in and managing crypto projects in the best way possible.


Hi all :grinning: – great to be part of this awesome community!

My name is Kane and I live in Australia :australia:. I have been involved in crypto for quite some time now, from seed strategic investments to blockchain advisory, leveraging my business background (4 years’ experience advising senior management on business and operational efficiencies, business transformation, profit improvement, management implementation and support for turnaround at Deloitte).

What’s keeping me busy?

  • Deloitte Blockchain APAC (advising corporate clients & blockchain-based projects)
  • Blockchain practitioner, Global Deloitte Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Community (“dbc3”) Research Group (currently 3 global blockchain hubs serving Americas, APAC and EMEA regions)
  • Founder of Merkkle (private equity and blockchain growth hacking – projects include Hedera Hashgraph, Mainframe, EdenChain, IOTA)
  • Founder of League of ICOs (ICO research group), Global Ambassador IOTA IEN, Australian Ambassador Edenchain

Love to read and keeping fit. Recently I have been getting the old racquet out for a game of tennis!

-Hit me up if anyone’s in Australia, always keen for a brew (coffee and/or beer haha)


Hello everyone,
my name is Claudio, I live in Italy and am taking the coding course too. I would like to learn as much as possible of the whole decentralization process we are going to experience in our lives and make good use of the knowledge. I’ve been an employee and an employer, and I always enjoy learning new stuff.


Hello Ivan and fellow Blockchain students,

You will find me on Ivan’s Youtube streams as ‘Switch’. I am also enrolled in the Coding course.

My background is Project Management, so taking this course was a no-brainer to expand my current knowledge. Thank you Ivan and Fillip for your dedication to provide us with such great content.

Best of luck to everyone taking the course!


Hello Everyone,

My name is Alex, I have been involved in crypto for about 4 years now. I am here to expand my knowledge in areas besides investing in crypto, hopefully to build some projects geared towards crypto adoption for the masses. I am located in Canada and would like to concentrate my efforts in Latin America for these projects, aside from North America.

I look forward to interacting with all of you and finding synergies that can potentially turn into something positive in helping companies and people adopt crypto.