Introduce yourself


Hi Everyone!

My name is Hamish and I live in the UK but am from New Zealand originally.

I became hooked on Bitcoin in April last year and for better or worse appear to be stuck in awe with it. After being part of the bull run and having Asic mined both Bitcoin and Litecoin I feel the natural progression was to learn more about the inner workings and try and actually help/build/work with what I feel so passionately about.

So I am here! I look forward to making some new friends and learning an awful lot!


hello keely, sorry i have been offline on the course for a long time, now im back and fully loaded, sorry i didnt read your question later, what u mean with VZ? my country i guess right?

hope ur doing great!


Hi Ivan and all others,

My name is Harrie and I’m from the Netherlands. I just finished the BC Fundamentals course and I think is was great. Thanks a lot for facilitating all this. I’m now starting the coding course to get a basic understanding of programming and what the possibilities are. Not that I’m planning to become a hardcore progammer but more to be able to interact with programmers. My ambition is to participate in projects as a functional consultant or project manager. I’m also planning to signup for the new BC for business course which is probably more suitable for me. I have a background as SAP FI/CO consultant and I’m currently a Finance Manager in a large multinational.

Let’s try and make a better world, I believe Blockchain can help with this.


Hello, I just signed up for the coding program, I am excited! Thank you Ivan so much for providing this community and course. I have been TRYING to get into a coding rhythm for 2 years now…but…like I like coding and solving problems and design but…I don’t know there didn’t seem to be any meaning behind my motivation. I never got very far. Now with this course that is focused on blockchain and smart contracts I feel like a kid in a candy store I just want more!

I’ve been teaching in China and missed it when Bitcoin went up. I tried to buy in February or March but I did not know enough to on how to buy because China has clamped down on buying bitcoin and other cryptos. I really try not to think about how much money my geographic location cost me. :stuck_out_tongue: .

Other than Crypto I’m incredibly passionate about science and education, I’m always thinking and researching how can this be taught better, particular with language acquisition. However I’ve taken some time off and I am living in thailand so I can devote myself to this course a good 4- 6 hours a day along with my thai lessons. I also want to add that I am 40 and you never know what changes life will give you. I saw a video by Ivan “is 30 to old to learn programming”. LOL, its a dangerous trap to think like that. I did for the longest time.


Hi. My name is JD I have been watching Ivan from his first videos. love his enthusiasm and way of teaching. I am in construction,but have always been interested in coding and tech. I was to co-creator of a construction management app that did quite well.
It sold for 50 million but I was mostly cut out, if I understood the IP better and was a better business man, it would have been very different and I believe a much better product.

thanks for the course!


Hello everyone! My name is John, aka JayLancer, and I am really excited to be here. From the first time I heard about Blockchain technology, over a year ago, I was hooked. I quickly understood the potential it had for mass disruption. Ever since then it has become the main focus of my time. Along the way I discovered various YouTubers who I learned a lot from, such as Datadash, Boxmining, Suppoman, and of course Ivan. Fast forward to today and I have found myself in a position where I did not like the path my life was going, in terms of university/work. I told myself that I need to do something that is meaningful to me…and Crypto/Blockchain is that something!

So in addition to just being an investor in Crypto, I am now going to make a career out of it, which I think is so cool. Other than that, I live in Toronto :canada:, and I enjoy Hockey, Video Games, TV, playing sports, and food haha.

Anyways guys, thanks for listening and let’s get coding! :computer:
I know very little about programming so the transformation should be awesome.



Welcome to community , John )


Hi Everyone:), I have been following the crypto space for a bit over a year now by following several YouTubers including Good Morning Crypto:). My background is container shipping and transport, so programming is completely new territory. I just completed the Blockchain Deep Fundamentals Course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to continue the learning and hope to meet some like-minded people:).


Hi, my name is Santiago. I started learning about crypto with Ivan’s and Andreas Antonopoulos youtube channels. I have a very basic knowledge in programming, so I’m eager to learn more about it and get into smart contract programming. I hope to get to know some people who are on the same programming journey in this forum, and exchange ideas and opportunities. I wish everyone the best!

Thank you for the great content on youtube Ivan.


Hello everyone,

My name is Mete. I have been trading cryptocurrencies for the past two years now. I recently found myself wanting to learn more about programming and smart contracts and decided to dedicate some time to do so. I’m pretty much obsessed with the space at the moment and I am eager to learn!


Hi I m Nilutpal i m new here


Boss where you from Ghana ?


Hi I’m George, from Nigeria. I’ve worked 13 years in Project Management for the Construction Industry.
Got to know bout BTC back when price was just $75. (if only i knew then hehe).
I’d like to acquire some new skills and i’ve been following your channel on and off since when you were only teaching programing few years ago. without the right foundation I couldnt really keep up then. So now this course sound perfect!

Looking forward to gaining new knowledge here!


Hello guys! My name is Mattis but just call me Mat or Matcoin. I am from Canada :canada: and I have started been interested in crypto currency in bitcoin in particular in the summer of 2016 and just bought my first bitcoin in december 2016/ january 2017. Since then I have never stopped to love crypto currency. I have always been interesting into coding even before i got into crypto, but I have never knew how to start and where to start, now I have my starting point.


Hello everyone My name is Ryan Miller I live in the State of New Mexico here in the USA. My passion has always been technology and helping people out. I have a Bachelor degree in Sciences and information technology. Blackchain has amazed me for years with all the things it has made possible and the level of control that we have over out own finances and data is going to be able to change for the better. Removing third parties from many aspects of our lives is needed. Other than having a passion for technology I also help get people CBD oils that are sick and need it, as well as run my own website selling some of my Pyramid creations on it, my site is :
I am so happy to be here and hope to learn a lot of great information.


My name is Niko.
I am a Business Develoment Manager from a medium-sized Data Science company in Cologne, Germany.
I am interested in programming Dapps for Blockchain but also neural networks incl hyperparameter search, bias-variance-optimization and soving all kinds of ML problems like

  • prediction models
  • autoencoding
  • text mining
  • risk modelling
  • Liquidity modelling and forecasting

I love coding in R and Python and looking forward to learn here different types of coding.

I have to sons, 11 and 8 years old.


Hi my name is jeroham, my friends call me HAM, I’m new to this, some friends taught me the world of programming and I really like it, I hope that with this course you learn to program and thank you for creating this amazing community:yum:


Hi, I’m Ashik from London. I’m an IT Consultant at a Big 4 professional services firm. Last year, I started my own blockhain startup with a friend, Blockchainology. We started out by launching our own multi-module classroom-based training courses, which we then took online and private classes. After that, we moved onto consultancy and advisory for clients.

I used to be a developer (mainly Java/JEE) many years ago, but would very much like to return to some coding, specifically on blockchain development, although I’m primarily an architect by profession nowadays. Thanks to Ivan and Filip, this course looks amazing. I’ve booked both on the smart contracts course, as well as the upcoming Blockchain business management course.

I’ve been a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2011 and am very much interested in the entire ecosystem.
I’m also on the look out for interesting people and projects with opportunities for joint collaboration.

I’m generally very busy with work and family commitments, but I intend to go through Ivan’s course and also hope to contribute in the forum.

Best wishes.


Welcome! Nice to have someone with DS background over here.


My name is Michael and I am a programmer. I started LAWEITECH an IT startup company. I have always loved to learn how to create and build new systems that are helpful to people. From a younger age, I would learn how things work and create new things with my new skill I fell in love with computers and technology as a whole back then and learnt how to program.

I live in Ghana, I was drawn to blockchain technology not long ago and was fascinated by it I wanted to know how to be part of this new technology and learn how to build blockchain know all the geeky stuffs involved. I would love to be a certified blockchain developer so I can help build applications to help with mass adoption of blockchain.