Introduce yourself

Hey all.

My name is Nejc and I come from Slovenia. I’m a beginner in crypto and just started learning programing.

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Hi all,
My name is Andy I’m from Los Angeles and I just signed up to the academy along with my son. We are new to this space. Looking forward to learning a lot and hope to meet many like minded people in the near future.

Hey what’s up Andy I’m Anthony I’m also in Los Angeles, East Hollywood. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Hope to learn from each other and good luck!

Hi everyone, I am quite intimidated and exited at the same time. I am very new to crypto and programming.
I live in Germany, I’m half arab half spanish, I have a background in international sales, I have two small kids and I want to learn as much as I can about this amazing technology to be able to understand the tech and money that my boys are going to use in the future.
Ivan, thank you for your channel and this opportunity.

My name is Mark. I am live in San Jose. I have been active within the BTC space since 2017. I wished I’d joined sooner! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!! Currently learning Japanese, and looking to move my knowledge to stimulate my children to follow their passions as my mother and father did for me as child.

I started my career in Japan with KyushuMatstushita (Panasonic) making printers and plan to finish my career in Japan so improving my understanding of the language combined with an improved knowledge of cryptography is beneficial given Asia is a driving force behind block chain.


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My name is Eric. Just joined the basic course. I am from Malaysia. After the internet boom, I was curious about the next technological movements and opportunities. I begun to watch cryptos around mid-2016. Found it very facinating but not having programming knowledge sometimes I find difficulty is fully understanding certain discussions on YouTube or crypto articles on the internet. Since there is so much talks on cryptos and blockchain and their potentials I really want to be able to fully understand and be involved in it.

Hello my name is Thierry. I’m here to learn a lot about bitcoin. I come from France.

Hello world!
I’m Tunca. I’m a Mechanical Engineer for quite some time. Been a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast for the last year or so. I’m currently working in Istanbul.
Looking forward to advance my career as a developer in the blockchain technology. I’ll be more than happy to help and won’t hesitate to ask questions. Glad to join the community! :smiley:

Hi everyone!
My name is Joni and i’m from Finland. I haven’t programmed much before but i’m very exited to learn. Unfortunately i have to work too so i can do this only in my spare time. Hopefully programming could be my work someday :smiley:

Hey there from Perth, Australia. This is my second go at a blockchain course so I really want to make it stick. Been in cryptos for a couple of years and been following Ivan’s youtube channel for a while. Time to become part of the developer community so I can fund my surfing in all parts of the planet :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone! My name is Berket and I am a software developer living in the USA. I have been trading in Crypto since the pumps of 2017 and am now looking forward to learning about Blockchain development through the courses and this community.

This is Huson from Hong Kong :slight_smile:
Am gonna to learn blockchain technology here .

Hi, I’m Igor from France. I’ve been following Ivan on Youtube, thanks for your work.

My name is Jim and I live in Portland, Oregon. Currently adventuring the edge of human and technological innovation. Excited to join this community and learn everything I can about blockchain. The future is so bright I think we need shades. Cheers to all.

Hi, My names Mitch and I’m from Canada. Really excited to learn all I can from these Courses.


I’m Aleksi from Finland. I’m MSc student in accounting and finance and minoring in information systems. I’m looking forward to learn how to program and how to utilize blockchain in business.

Hello everyone,

I´m Marcel from Hamburg. I´m totally new to programming. Like many others already said before, I truly belive in the blockchain technology. Hope we have a good time here.

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Hi everyone, we are Josefine and Maurice. We live with your two sons in the Netherlands at the moment and are investigating future opportunities! Very interested in this new space for a while now and enjoying the daily Good Morning Crypto’s; decided to join the ride!

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Hi Ivan, I’m 50 my 2 boys Piran and Odin 9 and 12 we want in on the action :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

I am Daniele, I am 27. I studied code some years at school then stopped because my working life too a different path. I just want to get back into coding and I am curios to learn how to created dapps. :slight_smile: