Into Mobile Gaming & Crypto?

Hey guys!

Wanted to share my experience playing this new mobile game called Evergleam Hill. Evergleam is the first game of its kind. It is the first fully-integrated crypto game powered by HOT and runs on the Stellar blockchain. Being a crypto-enthusiast, I love how this game has so much to do with crypto & blockchain. In the game, you can use actual crypto to purchase coupons that you can then go and redeem in real life. Pretty cool right? I love how this game provides a practical application for crypto use. The coupons that HOT Token can get you are to a variety of places such as Baskin Robbins, Mister Donut & Lazada. Besides being able to buy these coupons with crypto, you have the chance to win them on a daily basis just by playing the game. I’ve won quite a few coupons like a 10% off coupon to Lazada and a buy 6 get 2 free dougnuts coupons to Mister Donut. My favotite coupon I won is a free sundae to Baskin Robbins. Can’t wait to cash this in for a mint cookies & cream sundae with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles on top. YUM! Now let me go a little into the gameplay. When you get started in Evergleam, you get walked through a tutorial where you get to choose your character. To get started, I suggest stopping by Gold Woman Sax to get started on a mining session. When you mine, you use your tokens to buy a ticket to any place of your choice. There are a variety of places to choose from and as you level up, more and more places to mine unlock. My favorite place to mine as of lately is the Ibby Glibbies. I have struck quite a lot of gold there. So when you start your mining session, you have two minutes to mine all the gold & items you can. After you mine, you get to look over all the items you have collected. You can then do a variety of things with these items. Use what you have gathered to cook up some recipes or make arts & crafts. I just made a hat for my character. You can sell the items you don’t want to Forge Van Wrinkle for some tokens and use them to mine or in other places in the game. Stop by Casa Salpa and stock up on some worms to fish non-fish. Yes, you read that right, I said non-fish. You will find that Evergleam has tons of clever ways in which they name their characters, items, shops & locations. My favorite representation of this is the character Gold Woman Sax. Low on tokens? Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities Evergleam gifts you with to catch shooting stars. You can stock up on tokens by doing this often. Once you get enough gold mining, make sure to stop by the First Bank of Evergleam Hill to see what all that gold can get you. There are so many avenues to explore in this game but I am going to stop rambling on for now. Check out Evergleam & see what coupons you can win. If you are reading this on an iPhone or Android, you can download Evergleam right from the app store. Good luck & go find some gold!