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Welcome to the thread about Installing git. Here you can discuss everything about git and potential problems that you might stumble upon installing it.



I have Windows 10, Git is not downloading, it’s warning me Error:Forbidden. Why it happen? It is for the windows firewall?



Which instructions did you follow?



This one!

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Ready, Git installed, it was some windows updates that prohibited the download of Git. Thank you!

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Git installed on Mac ,done!

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Yes, It is called “false positive” I believe. You need to disable the firewall to install GIT in these cases. I had the same problem with Norton, whereby on one computer it installed Git without problems and on the other I received that error. Both machines have the same configuration

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Hi Filip…what is your youtube channel ? Thank’s

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Here it is:

I haven’t uploaded in a while. I hope to be able to produce more videos soon.



OK, installed git as instructed. Now without a word about it, video goes right into solidity as if we should already have it. What is this? is it something we need to download and install? is it a software package in C++ on github that we need to download and compile? And those “links” to git, are not links. Those are text segments that a person did not even make into hyperlinks. I guess I am going to look up solidity on my own.



Thank you for the feedback. I have added a new section in the beginning of the solidity chapter to clarify the IDE that we are going to use. Git usage will come later on.



Thank you Filip. I appreciate you addressing that so quickly.

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Git installed on my mac. Have no idea how to use it but it s installed.:sunglasses:

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my git doesnt seem to work properly. when i open it i get something like this:


and the instructions tell me it should look like this:

can anyone help?



You’ve got the command line git shell there, you should have another program called git gui installed as well. It actually uses this program under its hood to do it operations.

Give the command line a try you might enjoy it, its not too difficult once you understand the basics. Here is a good resource for learning the basics:



The installation process was pretty easy

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should i use vim as the default editor?



That’s fine, we won’t be using it in this course.

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“Use Vim as Gits default editor”

re : Default editor used by Git - Can we use CodeBlocks or Atom for this? (as we’ve previously installed and used them on the course)

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Just spotted Filip’s reply above re Vim

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