Inheritance & External Contracts - Discussion

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Hi Filip. for your attention:

In the video, it is not presented how to get the HelloWorld contract address (for copying it into the "HelloWorld instance variable, I figure it out only from listening).

Also, it seems like the contract code link is not for the required code (I may wrong with that).

Thank you, I have fixed the video. It’s uploading now.

In regards to your second question about the code. I don’t fully understand what you are referring to, could you clarify?

To the Github code link. (it link’s to the memory assignment solution (sorry for the broken English previously…)

Ok, I get it. Thank you, I have updated the link :slight_smile:

hi Filip

I am currently going through the course, but unable to deploy any contracts along side your course for myself because all the accounts in Remix have been set to 0 funds. Do you know how I can add funds to at least one of the accounts in the Deploy and Run Transactions section?

Many thanks

I resolved this by closing and reopening remix. I copied and pasted my code as non of the files were saved.

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Are you using the javascript VM? They should have an initial balance. Maybe you solved it now by re-opening it. If you are using a testnet, you need to use a faucet to fund your account through metamask.

Hi Filip

Thanks very much for replying, I was just using VM and following the course and it was working fine, but suddenly all the accounts became value 0, so I was not able to deploy anything. Its all good now, thanks again.


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Question: How come in the lesson we create an “interface” to an external contract using the “contract” keyword and not the “interface” keyword?

Hi again :wink: @CryptoDev

Because in the course we are implementing an abstract contract, which have the same utility at the end and is more permissif than an interface.
So if you want it to be more correct we are implementing an abstract contract which gonna be use as an interface.

The post explain well the main difference between this two declaration.

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