Increasing Speed of Courses >2x


Hi everyone,

I’m assuming there are others out there who are used to listening to videos/podcasts at > 2x speed. I notice that Ivan’s course material only cap at 2x, but for anyone interest in listening at a quicker pace, here’s a little trick I use on Youtube videos that also works on Ivan’s course material:

  1. Click CTRL+SHIFT+J
  2. Copy paste this into the prompt:
    document.getElementsByTagName(“video”)[0].playbackRate = 3

Just change the “3” above to any speed that you’d like and TADA! Ultra-fast Ivan :slight_smile:

I personally listen to videos at 3x speed to get an introductory overview of what will be covered. I then listen at 2-2.5x for the sections I’d like to revisit.

For those accustomed to listening to videos at 1x, jumping to 2x will be uncomfortable. If listening to videos at a quicker pace interests you, start with small increments and work your way up over time.



Thanks Josh. I think this will come in handy!:smile:


@FaierPlay why have I never thought of speeding up videos?! Touché Sir