ICO Rating Spreadsheets


Sup Yall,

I’ve been using this spreadsheet as a guide (not created by me) to upcoming ICOs and their potential value in investing. I was wondering if any of you guys know of other spreadsheets like this one. Please share any of the spreadsheets you like to use. In the meantime if you don’t know about this one you can check it out!

This spreadsheet uses the “CRYPTOFINANCE” addon written by Julien Buty. Here’s a link by the author giving instructions on it’s use.

Peace & Enjoy!



happy to see wanchain on your list.


Hey guys ! I’m the creator of the spreadsheet, thanks for sharing it here, I’m a huge fan of Ivan’s videos as well ! Join the Telegram group if you have any suggestions for the spreadsheet, the link is on the first page.

Crypto Moon


Yooooooooooooo Crypto Moon!

(I didn’t know it was actually named after you, that’s cool!)

Yeah, I got linked to your spreadsheet earlier this month from a friend and I’ve been using it as a guide since. I’ll join the Telegram group later today! Thanks for your work and making it available to all of us! I was able to learn a lot about spreadsheet programming from you as well. I got my own spreadsheet now which only has a few picks I’m looking at taken from yours. I’ve been using your sheet as the “master” reference.

Peace & Thanks for replying!



Nice spread :smiley:
Thank you.


Wow that’s a very detailed spreadsheet. Thanks


Hey guys, I want to share my own tracking sheet for ICOs with and some average scores for major reviewers.


can you please send link where i can list a upcoming ico


Hi there,

Check out this ICO Sheet:


It gives an easy overview with ratings and positive and negative points of upcoming ICO’s


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They are similar to bitdegree? @Ada


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i use the updated spreadsheet method regularly. thanks for making it available to everyone, Crypto Moon. works well, usually, though sometimes the data feed is offline or unavailable or can’t load due to network lag. so it can help to store a snapshot every regular period of time.


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