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Hi Filip I would like to know the difference between a REST API and a RESTfull API. Thanks


It’s the same thing but different ways to describe it.

REST is a style of software architecture. Restful is used to refer to web services implementing that architecture.


In which scenario would the REST API most probably be used to communicate with the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain?

Why is the answer which involves a mobile app is incorrect? Meaning, it is the same front-end as the website.
Moreover, the website content can be rendered by the back end templating engine (like PHP or NodeJS script). This “old school” technique might be applied to the apps of developing markets with limited bandwidth (like Africa). Which makes a mobile app an even more viable option in my opinion.

@filip, please let me know about your reasoning behind “why the mobile app answer is incorrect”.

P.S. I know I’m overthinking a bit but I guess the answer options can somehow improved to be less ambiguous. Not sure about a good alternative, though.


Yes that’s a good point. Both should be perfectly valid answers. I have updated the quiz. Thanks :slight_smile:


Just wanted to note that my internet connection kept crashing while taking the quiz. It would’ve been 5/5.