Hyperledger in Business - Discussion


Here is my piece on the video-service on Blockchain:

I cannot help thinking that youtube and alike are working wrong-way around. They should fight for content creators then traffic, but instead they have an oligopoly like because of ‘being first’. The product they sell to users is not advertising nor the video platform, they are a distributor, re-selling the content with added service/value of relevant advertising&platform. Perhaps they realise it with the YouTube TV paid service.

Because of this and since Blockchain is about transactions, let’s drop the content piece completely (central storage services like AWS/IBM cloud) and instead go wide for a transactional system to cover also online Newspaper subscriptions, video/gif/picture libraries, paid online courses, etc.

Private, and permissioned, read&append-only blockchain, with users as contributors and spenders in one (like steemit), Single-Sign-On via APIs to different content portals (youtube, paid newspaper web, HarvardX university) who will be the nodes since they witness the transaction (+optionally content-creator), between viewer and content-creator. Public and private keys for certifying their identities and enabling wallets. The network consensus would happen between nodes of say youtube and the content creator, so only parties who see user transactions are ones involved in the transaction (e.g. buying credits in a FB game and donating to an Instagrammer for their content would still be only 2-4 nodes but with directly involved parties).

I am struggling here - please if anyone has ideas how to involve more nodes to validate transaction but without revealing users transactions to 3rd parties?

All parties so far have eco.incentive to participate including content platforms incentive to compete fairly for content-creators who are followed the most but also who have following that spend the most. i.e. Platforms could be scored based on Advertising reach-to-conversion score.

No mining, limited amount of utility tokens released gradually based on user-base growth, available to buy at exchanges/wallet providers. Finality, immutability, consensus, decentralisation of power and infrastructure(nodes and ledger), provenance, all the rest applies.


Super interesting take! That all makes sense. Appreciate your insight. Competitive edging for sure.

Re: the provenance aspect, as I was working through that paragraph my mind jumped to actually being able to sell a license to another without ‘authorization’ from the t-mobile. Did I go too far in my thinking there? In as far as what you were conveying?



@bridgdora Thanks! Much appreciated 0:-)
Much respect. I was heading there. You figured me out :smiley: Second-hand marketplaces or in B2B called ‘Bokerage’ solutions are very expensive too. No ‘participants’ ever want to pay that bill, but if it comes included by the SW originator :slight_smile:


This is certainly the most interesting discussion thread in this class so far.

I agree with what many others have said above.

I think creators should be in complete control of their content/videos. This means they need to be on the blockchain somehow. Immutability is key, they shouldn’t be able to be censored or taken down. How can this be done on the blockchain effectively? That’s to be determined (I’m not a programmer).

I think smart contract enabled payments/subscription should be enabled to allow people to freely contribute to channels/creators they appreciate.

I think payments should be anonymous on both sides, and that both creators and viewers have the opportunity to be anonymous as well. Happy HODLdays everyone.


I think it would be great to store the content creator information and followers on the blockchain, and also the comments, like and shared information in blockchain level. I do think the streaming of the video in centralize servers but I do think that is good to store an hash of the video inside the block chain as a references. Even if the website who host the website is taken down content creator will be able use the original hash stored in the blockchain to build another website to references to the correct video content.

Payment for the content creator could be using smart contract to release the funds so there is no centralize party to hold the funds.