Hyperledger Implementation - Discussion


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I know this isn’t a big deal, but it seems that in this section “Hyperledger Implementation”, the video " Tweaking the Network" makes reference of a previous video which is not in the play list. I assume that the previous video shows how to get into the playground and shows all the different tabs and files in that view. Maybe for some people this might be misleading, so if you have time, please update the playlist.



Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now. One intro video was missing.



The composer platform overview video was quite helpful to me, as a non-programmer. It was very easy to follow Filip’s instructions and play around with the composer blockchain.



Just FYI. Within Composer i see , when trying to select a sample network, you get the error “Error: could not get any sample networks”. So you cannot proceed. However if you use the following link it does show the sample networks. https://composer-playground-unstable.mybluemix.net/

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