HTML Reading Assignment


I don’t know whether I am going to help someone with such a basic assigment :roll_eyes:

  1. What is HTML?
    Is not a language. It’s a markup use for the crwation of webpages.

  2. What is HTML used for?
    As I just said, it is used for web pages

  3. We are learning HTML because we need to know how to link our smart contract to a webpage

  4. a tage is, for example:

  5. It structures is the following:

    I am a learner

  6. Within this structure, you can add an attribute which is not going to be seen by your users. Its a meta info. It goes within the tag


  7. Anatomy

So many details to remember!


2 What is HTML used for? to construct the structure of a web page’s content (text, picture, size and style of fonts, links, video etc.)
3 Why are we learning HTML? We need to know how to build web pages, as it is necessary to build the front end of apps.
4 What is an HTML tag? It is the part that starts and finishes an element. Provides a name for the element.
5 What is the structure of an HTML tag? Opening tag (indicates the start of the element),followed by the content, followed by the closing tag (indicates the end of the element)
6 What is an attribute? Provides a name and a value for the element. Provides information that is not visible to the the viewer of a web page, but is important for the person building a site.
7 What is the anatomy of an HTML document? !Doctype html , html , head , meta charset=“utf-8” , title /title, /head , body , img src="…" alt=“My image which consists of (description)”, /body, /html>


What is HTML?
It is not a programming language, it’s a markup language that defines the structure of the content we are writting on our page.

What is HTML used for?
It is used to encode what goes where, like paragraphs, text emphasis, images, links, lists, etc. It’s also used to create a title to the page that will show up on search results and to define basic styling information for all the content. I guess it is used to set the key words to help search engines as well.

Why are we learning HTML?
Any app, be it Dapp or otherwise, needs an interface that users will use to interact with it. So we need to be able to create a website that can access everything the user will need to make use of the app/smart contract.

What is an HTML tag?
The tag is the part of the element that defines what kind of element it will be (paragraph, list, image, heading, etc)

What is the structure of an HTML tag?
It should always be used as the tag name inside angle brackets, followed by content and finished with the closing tag which is the same as the opening tag but with a forward slash just before the tag name: < p>element< /p> (spaced out so that it shows in this text)

What is an attribute?
An attribute is a extra information that is not intended to be shown in the actual content and that is placed inside the opening tag, just a space after the tag name. It can be used to easily target an element or a group of elements and style them at once, or give them some kind of action I imagine.

What is the anatomy of an HTML document?
A document has to start with the historical < !DOCTYPE html>, then the < html> opening tag and the closing tag in the end. Everything else should go in between. Then the < head> tags that will have the title and styling information in the middle of it, character set, key words, etc. And then the < body> tags that will wrap all the content that will actually be shown on the page. The closing tag for html that I referred in the beggining comes only after the body closing tag.