HTML Basics Dicsussion


Question: When you want to show a paragraph created in text editor, how many ways can it be done. In the course, it was sent to Firefox. I used to have Firefox, but it was removed because of a problem I had at the time.


Sorry @RalphD I’m not sure if I understand what you’re asking.
Do you mean when creating your html file in a text editor, how to get it to open in a browser?
Or something else?


Any web browsing program can open the .html file such as google chrome, internet explorer, mozilla, etc. I used chrome.


Hi all

I just finished the image and break section. I’ve no problem adding an image if its linked to an online image but how can i add an image thats on my computer. the tutorials on line make it seems simple. But i may be missng something


Simple mistake. first i didnt realise that the image folder was relative to the html doc and also i did not end the code for image with a forward slash so i had this

<img src=‘images/piano.jpg’ alt’no image’>

But I should of had this

<img src=‘images/piano.jpg’ atl ‘no image’/>


I find that more often than not anymore, including the tag at the front is becoming more necessary. Sometimes weird errors are fixed by including that. Then again, maybe it’s just me!


I don’t have experience with Visual Studio Code, but I started with HTML back in the 90’s when things were simple. I used CoffeeCup HTML editor, and it mostly left you alone to code yourself. I lost my purchased copy probably a decade ago, and I’m not going to pay to get it back, but it looks like it lost its charm. I prefer a more natural and unobtrusive code editor, and BlueFish works great, and it’s open source.


Hi guys, hopefully you can help with the following.

So I am trying to include a background image with CSS on a html page that has Javascript embedded. I found some code online that on its own works perfectly and displays the image in my browser. However as soon as I insert my javascript the background image no longer displays until the script has finished running. I have tried moving the JS to the head/body and even at the very end of the body.

Is there any work around for this? The HTML/CSS code is below with out the JS as it is quite long. (I have had to remove the “<” from the HTML to enable it to display here rather than be interpenetrated as code).

!DOCTYPE html>
meta name=“viewport” content=“width=device-width, initial-scale=1”>
body, html {
height: 100%;
margin: 0;

.bg {
/* The image used */
background-image: url(“nature-12.jpg”);

/* Full height */
height: 100%;

/* Center and scale the image nicely */
background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;



div class=“bg”>



Hello Ivan. I just wanted to say that my studies into this exciting development course are on hold until I finish a business course from MIT. The workload is not self paced therefore I must spend my time on that course first and it is taking all of my time. But I will be back in this course the middle of August! Then I will be able to give you valuable feedback.


In using Atom how does Ivan get to run the “code” beside the text editor. I’ll keep looking and post if I find out.



Will open a side panel to view your code in Atom.

Also as this community grows It would be lovely we could organize and algimate the comments.a bit.


LOL also after watching the video towards the end of the HTML section “Understanding web technology, Harvard lecture”, I realized that atom was not saving the folder as .html
now that I have saved the folder and manually added .HTML at the end; when I click on the folder it automatically opens in my browser. Also if you’re reading this and have next to no experience I’d almost recommend watching the video first so you have something to model as well as providing a better mental framework to fit what you are going to learn. you can then watch it again with new eyes at the end.


Glad to see you got there on your own :smile:


Wow…I finally started the course…Back to HTML which i first encountered at University in 1998 :grin:


Hi guys, I need help if you may help me somewhat :

I am looking to publish my website on internet (through OVH service), but when I succed to do it, my website doesn’t work properly (only the html code seems to work, not the CSS or Java…) :

Once more, when I wok localy on my computer on my website’s code, all my website is fine and shows well :slight_smile:

Anyone ?

Thx guys


Ok, I’m back at it with the programming course. Approaching this with renewed vigor now!


I like the format so far thanks Ivan, it helps that I am used to your Video Style from Good Morning Crypto!


I see a lot of missing resources when I look at the source of your website. You can use F12 in Chrome and go to the console tab to see for yourself.

When you move your mouse over the filename you can see the expected location. I think you are missing the subfolders with the files you have on your local machine. (Or the rights on the subfolders on your OVH machine are not set correctly)

Hope this helps.:grinning: