HTML Basics Dicsussion


Yes Mine did the same, put a place-holder instead of the picture. turned out the actual filename was not included in the path (Source directory) of the file. I added the name of the file after the last “/” and it appeared on my site but it is huge LOL.


I like VSCode too as my main coding tool, but Atom has one advantage, which is the autocompletion tools for Solidity. If you guys know of any VSCode extension for that, please post it here. I would appreciate it. :smile:


Hi guys,
So I see you guys are all mooning in terms of the assignments.
I’m still stuck with the theory.

Can someone please explain the me in plain english what an HTML tag is ?
I understand it and can explain it with drawings but not with simple words and that is very frustrating.
Please help a brother out.
thnkxs in advance: V


I am not sure if I understand your question precisely so I apologize if my answer is not what are you looking for.
HTML tag opens and closes (& defines) your whole “webpage document”, it is a root tag and you can experience it as one container for all data, styles, values, etc. of your webpage document. I hope it helps.


@ Tryer, thankxs :). I am on the Havard video now. All html assignments nailed. And with your ecplannation, I understand even beter the definition of HTML tag. “opens, closes and or defines webpage content” I might even add (structures webpage docs).
Surely did help. Thanks bro. :wink:


Although this section is a bit ight on suject matter, the hour long video that is linked at the end of it is well worth watching. In fact, you may even wish to watch the guys second video on CSS, and possibly more afterwards. I am thining about becoming competent in html + css before I move onto the jscript section of this course.


HEY GUYS - DID you receive an EMAIL from ivan saying to click on a button and fill forms
"I forgot this" regarding data sharing and 3rd parties?

I want to know if kit is legit.




Didn’t get any mail from ivan like this.


Hello everybody. I want to share with you all my first code. I’m loving this. any comments are welcome5147




Hello @theTOE, I don’t believe it’s necesarry to post your assignments here. It’s more of a trust based system in that Ivan is trusting you are completing the work, and assignments for each topic. Your list looks great though!


Thank you for your info>


How’s this look folks? My first post and first questions answered. Don’t be too hard on this newb.

  1. What is HTML? Hypertext markup language
  2. What is HTML used for? Formatting and structuring the way a webpage appears when viewed on the web
  3. Why are we learning HTML? We must understand the basics and the underlying structure. This will be like an on ramp for our smart contracts to interact with the blockchain. HTML static Java logic & smart smart contract
  4. What is an HTML tag? An HTML tag defines the type of element we’re writing & where it begins and ends. Are we writing a paragraph for example
  5. What is the structure of an HTML tag? HTML beginning tag HTML ending tag
  6. What is an attribute? It’s a piece of code that describes some extra information about an element that doesn’t appear on the page.
  7. What is the anatomy of an HTML document? The document type, head, character set, title, body and images contained in the page. Is that what they’re looking for here?


Anyone else doing W3Schools before proceeding to JS?:smiley:

PS: Holy S** it turned into a link whereas I intended it to write our the whole line (HTML code)

PSS: Hey, check this :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Me neither. Looks fishy.


Print screen may help us to help you too. Those are good practice for when you seek help in forums life Stack Exchange, for instance. :wink:

For what you have described, maaaaybe you put your hole code inside the <head> element. Common elements, like <a>, <p>, <h1>, et cetetra, will only work when they are in the <body> element.

Tell us if you solved it! :smile:


CSS is what makes pages beautiful (or ugly, depending on the designer, hehe)! So it’s nice to learn it. But don’t worry, learn HTML first and then go to CSS. You’ll find out it’s easier that it seems to be. But it takes time, practice and… patience.


For anyone still having problems adding the picture as I was I started fooling around with the folders and realized you actually needed an image folder saved in your root webpage folder for the picture to appear. It seems that you also need to do this for other variables as well including sounds. Maybe there is an easier way but it worked for me. My folder structure was the root folder mywebpage with an image folder inside of it that is empty, then 1st Site which is my HTML file and the fomo.jpeg file.


That’s the right idea. As long as you get the source path correct in your img tag.
When it comes to working on bigger projects, you are most likely going to be keeping all of your different files organised onto separate folders.

Image in same folder as html file

Image in folder next to html file

Image in folder next to html file in it’s own folder