HTML Basics Dicsussion


I suspect you have the images/ in front of the picture name. just remove that and try. (That is how it is shown in the tutorial but you need to have folder called “images”, with the picture file in it, for that to work.
hope this helps.
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Do we post our assignments here?
This is what I got after rooting around the net:

Our List!
  1. Step One
  2. Step Two
  3. Step Three

Our List!
1 Step One
2 Step Two
3 Step Three

Our List!
  1. Step One
  2. Step Two
  3. Step Three

Our List!
1 Step One
2 Step Two
3 Step Three


+1 for Sublime text editor.

Don’t forget to right click > inspect element. Plenty to be learnt by looking at the console logs and finding css conflicts.


For sure you can use Visual Studio Code! It is a great editor that is gaining lot of appreciation even from the Linux community. it is widely used in a lots of video tutorial I seen!

The editor choose is completely up to the developer


Hi there, I’m just trying to test if this forum works for me. I had difficulty in the first two days trying to get on to the forum.


Good, It works today!


For those using Ubuntu and want to install Atom:



For those of you who are looking for a cool pic for your first HTML page :wink:


Do we have to learn CSS also ???


Hey, what do I do if I want my code to appear on the forum. Do I surround it with something or something like that?


CSS and HTML are almost inseparable. If you wanna have better webpage that attracts more viewers (of your dapp for example) I think it would be necessary thing to learn.


You should post screenshots…


I just looked at the four youtube videos listed for HTML study. They turn out to be a refresher for me, and that’s just fine, since I learned about some new tags, deprecated tags, and some current philosophy (such as NOT using tables to make a layout.)

That’s all well and good – for a review – but the materials shown jumped into material without any overview or teaching arc. It’s like having a university teacher teaching basic arithmetic without a lesson plan – a teacher who doesn’t realize that young people have to LEARN certain basics. The teacher may have knowledge, but if they can’t indicate scope, or let the student know the goal for the topic at hand, it’s a waste of everyone’s time. (Did you ever attend a lecture with 300 members in the class taught by a grad student whose newly-acquired language is nearly unintelligible, and may be brilliant at number theory but has no clue about how to teach algebra?)

Now, when it comes to materials I DON’T know anything about, I’m pretty scared. I’m accustomed to Ivan’s instinctive understanding of clarity and “purpose for a sentence.” You can’t teach talent, and there are LOTS of bright people with no talent for educating. I’m also aware that of the thousands of youtubers out there, most serve to clarify things FOR THE PRESENTER, but nobody else.

I surely hope that materials on Javascript (which I know a little of, from old versions) and C++ (I suppose it’s a bit like old C, but then, I began with ALGOL) will be chosen better. And when it comes to languages peculiar to certain projects (like the ETH, EOS and NEM we’re looking forward to), I sure hope materials will be presented in “normal” fashion:

  1. What is a typical problem?
  2. How is that addressed by this language?
  3. Some examples, with contrasts to how other languages address the same problem.
  4. A recap of what we just learned.

Throwing facts around without a framework, even when those facts are thrown by knowledgeable people, isn’t education. My fingers are crossed.


Good day to you all wonderful people. I’m confused I’m in the course currently in understanding web tech. I’m watching the video and I copied the html code for the search part which had the form action=“” method=“get”> etc… so I made sure I copied the code but nothing was showing, my test site was a complete blank. help with this please. I thank you in advance.


I see a typo for your title closing my friend


Do not try to copy and paste it is a quick but proven to be a bad tactics for learning, because you just make it work and forget. And you do not pay attention to small things during copy pasting, which may be critical


I did not literally did copy paste I was trying to execute the same code and syntax from the Harvard Lecture. However, my site did not show anything.


Try to post code here that is not working otherwise i think people will not have any idea how to help, there probably a typo in the code so browser cannot parse it


I just tried to restart it it work thank for the time replying to my post