Homework corrections?

How do i know if my homework answers i give are good? i see all the people answering but no replies?


I guess if it’s inaccurate someone will reply no?

Good question! Our team of teachers reads through every homework. If it’s ok, most of them give a like. If something is completely wrong, then they will comment and help you understand better. That’s the structure @boomfist @Cryptojunkie


Hey filip. What about when it comes to certification - Is their a combined set pass mark for each course, taking into consideration the correct answers?

Im presuming their is, otherwise it is impossible to fail lol. @filip


Thanks for the answer filip!

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Hi @JasonB good point I was wondering the same doing homework. Is there any answer about? Thank you

Thank you @boomfist for your question.

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No answer as yet. Im a bit surprised its taking so long for a response.