Help using Github


Thanks to Ivan for his videos on using github. I am struggling to get to the screen where Ivan starts his videos from. Let’s take Ethereum for example. The video screen shot is this…

However when I search Ethereum on github I only get this…

It’s probably a simple mistake any ideas guys? I am actually trying to analyse ANT but rather that just ask for a link I thought it best to fully understand.


Try search for Ethereum Organization and not for ethereum repository.

The link is

If you click in users, you will see Ethereum organization in first place.

The meaning ofresults that you are seeing is username/repository, you want ethereum or ethereum/somerepo.

I hope you understand my fast(confusing) explanation.

Edit: What is ANT? If I know what is, I can try to find the link for you.


@diogogomes Thanks for the very fast response. ANT is Aragon, an ERC20 token.

So I searched “Ethereum Organization” and got…

Am I searching in the wrong box?


Click on users separator.

The Aragon organization is and the repo of core is


Thanks very much. Just tried the search again and switched to “users” that’s where I was going wrong before. Now everything I search is at the top. :slight_smile:


any recommended sites and/or videos for learning markdown or jekyll?