Help Ivan, What can we do to help against the Youtube ban?

I hope youTube stops this censorship

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I think the live stream was taken down as You Tube are trying to act against all the scammers using fake live streams to do their thing. You tube should make established influencers moderators to help themselves and everyone else out

Crypt0 was saying they banned Him for a week.

He was already a part of the last time they went after Blockchain influencers?

I don’t think there is a live ban in general on youtube. Also Ivan has stopped because he is in Austria, also he made a short live stream from there. I agree with @Cryptojunkie about facebook and youtube to find a better way to moderate their platforms and not through stupid algos that don’t even work correct. Also for me it’s a reasson why we need real open platforms like steemit, but that work and have a good consensus mechanism. If proof of stake or EVM like in ethereum were set up correctly i think it would safe all this spamming fakes and the algorithms trying to solve this problems but most of the time they are also being put just for psychology experimental perposes.

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