Hello I'm new to the group & I would like to introduce myself

Hello to everyone in the community my name is Jamie and I am very pleased to be part of the group and enrolled on the course.
Crypto currency has captured my imagination with endless opportunities for creativity and disrupting the current status quo. Whilst the desire to improves ones ability to increase their income extreme financial wealth does not motivate like it once used to as I believe crypto will in the future redefine how we value things, the things we attach value to and the way value is distributed.

I look forward to sharing ideas that are out of the box and supporting others within my capacity.

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Hi Jamie,

I want to reach out for a chat if you are interested. I’m interested to know what brought you into the crypto space and if there is possibly a chance for us to collaborate together in some way or form.

Would you be up for a video call, here are my available times? https://go.oncehub.com/MarcSor

Thank you.

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Welcome Jamie, lets disrupt the status quo

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Hello Jamie.
So cool.
I think we can change the world ;-).
What do you think about my website https://without.exchange
I now, the site is “poor” and this is exactly why i need help to improve it.
Best regards

I like what you have done so far.

When it comes to UI think KISS.

I would like to have a 121 so you can talk me through the process of using the site and perhaps share our perspectives as to help you put on the polish.

Despite my interest in crypto I am yet to buy btc as I want to have a comprehensive understanding how to purchase without compromising my privacy so fingers crossed I’ll be a first user.

Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards,