Github request on Substratum


Hi Ivan,

Substratum opensourced the project this week.

Could you do a Git-hub code review, please? I would really be interested in what you have to say.



Hey there @Hurly_D_souza :smiley: I am excited about Substratum and their vision honestly. I have been following them for a while now on youtube. I sadly do not understand coding yet so I can’t tell you from a programming perspective but I do believe they are a great project in my mind. I would also like to see what @ivan has to say about this.

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yes @Mauro. thank you for your comment , @everyone @here please comment and like so @ivan can see the post. :smiley:

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Hello Ivan,
I would like to hear your thoughts on Substratum too.



Guys Substratum are launching a DEX called AMPX.

If you sign up early you can receive 500 AMPX coins for discounted trading fees. (see the link below)
get free coins for signing up.