Frontend, Backend, Databases (Stanford Bonus Lecture)


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That was a really good lecture. I think it might have been a bit lengthy. I was motoring through the course until I got to this one. It took me a few disconnected sessions to get through it. Guess I have a short attention span. The mobile discussion, alone, made the whole hour worth it.


Crucial part of the course to summarize and bring everything together! Great job Ivan!
Curation worthwhile; the entire course is excellent.


Definitely a good video to put it all together.


Yes, found quite a bit of information helpful. I wasn’t able to watch above 1.25 play speed, lots to consume in this one…


I have been watching many video’s at 1.25 speed or 1.5 speed sometimes if people talk really slow. Just an idea, it may help you keep focused.
Not tring to fix anything that isn’t broken, just I know what you mean during certain parts of the long lecture.


Wow, what a great lecture! I see now the value of attending Ivy League schools… especially if lecturers like him are commonplace.

Glad I can watch videos at 2x speed comfortably :slight_smile:


Great lecture, I particularly enjoyed and recommend the Database structure example (starts around 35min). The lecturer take an easy and concrete example of an online shop and demonstrate the importance of Database optimisation. He also compare, using this example, MySQL database and a NoSQL (MongoDB) database.