Favorite language?


Kotlin by far :smiley:


Hey @took3n What are the characteristics of Kotlin and why would you recommend learn it? Sorry for the lame(? question! :slight_smile:


Most easy to read language I have ever coded in, interoperable with Java but way more concise. Highly developed by JetBrains (the guys behind the best IDEs out there: IntelliJ, PyCharm, WebStorm, …). You can code full stack (backend, frontend, android and soon ios too).

Check out the “Kotlin Koans”: https://kotlinlang.org/docs/tutorials/koans.html


I’ve used many programming languages over the years. Began with Java, then i learned C# , PHP and ActionScript and since 2005 i work every day with C# or VB.NET (in my employers) and in my private clients i always used PHP. Of course Javascript was always present and since last year im in love with Angular 2/4.

Favorite Language nowadays? Javascript (Angular)


High level is Python and falling for Go as of late. I have also been tinkering with VHDL, Verilog and MyHDL (Python) for FPGA programming.

@ivan what is it that makes you prefer Python? What are some limitations you have encountered?


Focus on both:
A good exercise is to make an API in Pyton and then consume the API in javascript.


Must say I love Java and its increasing developing,
though Python always somehow seems to b more nice to construct


I haven’t a favorite really , but definitely working most of the time in C#.


I’ve programmed in many but yeah, if I were to use the verb Love for a programming language, that would be Python :smiley: It’s just fun to write and so powerful. Of course for parts that require speed I would use Java/C/C++


hi guys, i would like to learn python, but i don’t know what version i should learn. version 2 or 3.


Hopefully when I start learning from you Ivan I will have my favourite programming language :smiley: . I always thought java is cool but I heard its a hard language to learn. Can’t wait to start! (Will edit this post with my favourite programming language here once I learn some :stuck_out_tongue: ) The only programming I have done in my life is on a casio programming calculator when I had math in college, so I made a program that calculates some math problems very quickly. It sure took some time to set up but it was so worth it. :smiley: Not sure what language that is or if it is even considered as a programming language.


Mine is JavaScript so far


Python was the first programming language I ever learnt so it will always have a special place in my heart :heart:


Well because of Ivans course so far JavaScript , as for frameworks I really like Meteor for production.

Apart from my interest in crypto, as a teacher I want to gamify learning (properly) so javascript works for that as well . For added structured resources I use free code camp and codecombat. All three are working nicely together.


Hey Shea,

I was considering taking Ivan’s coding course. How was it? Did you learn a lot?

I’d be learning from scratch, so I’m curious to hear whether it’s a good first move.


Hi @FaierPlay
I started Ivan’s smart contract programming course since almost 3 months ago. I was complete beginner with no back ground of programming. The course is really informative and detailed which guides you from scratch. And I am at 40% of the course now which I never thought I would be able to make any progress in programming !
Apart from the course, one needs to be consistent and google like crazy …and reading as much as possible :wink:
Hope it helps you :beers:


Hi @FaierPlay I haven’t finished the course yet. I am just about finished the java script section. I know you are probably more interested in the later half of the course where it truly becomes unique. I ll let you know when I get there. but as for what I have taken so far…

This course so far is more theory based which is rare but not a lot of course wear because of this, I would highly recommend doing another course alongside this one as I think it would be helpful.

I’ve mentioned freecodecamp and I understand what I’m doing better because of this course ( not a lot of theory just practice). The two go great together at least for the first bit where FCC gives you lots of practice and Ivans course is more theory, Ivans course is also fundamentally a different course with videos, readings, various links and posting your answers to the forum… but again find a free website and practice using javascript, c++ or what ever frameworks alongside Ivans course so you get more practice.

I really do like the way the course is structured, it is easy to follow, but it also wont hold your hand. I like the book they use for Java script though some of the practice questions would have experienced developers stumped.

( if you don’t get the questions thats ok, move on,they are hard questions, but keep going back and working on them until you do. I’m’ still going back to understand the why because I know if someone asked me some of these questions I’d be stumped…And if someone posts a coding answer and it confuses you first. run it to make sure it actually works :slight_smile:

As I said the theory has been more helpful and is something other courses lack.

Also depending on why you want to take this course if its for more crypto knowledge Ivan has a deep dive into crypto that a friend took who said it was fantastic and you also needed some light programming skills ( but its not a programming course).But apparently it was super informative. I will probably take that one as well when I am done with this…but I wont be done learning and programming :slight_smile:


Thanks for elaborating @shea_april! Very insightful :slight_smile:

Good luck with the rest of the course! Do let me know what you thought of the second half, once you’re done!


PEP, all the way!!! and maybe a little bit of vanilla JavaScript. :smiley: