Favorite language?


I’m currently learning python, I think doing mini projects is what really allows you to consolidate what you may learn in a course or book.


Thanks for the tip, Eddy. What kind of mini projects would you try to take on?


I think it depends on your overall knowledge of programming, I’m pretty new at it for example, last summer I learnt a bit of javascript so I decided to make a simple snake game. Classic games like those are great to learn programming in general and keep you motivated since your doing something fun. I’m currently in a course at my university where they give us small projects to do, the first one was making a cryptocurrencies exchange simulator but on a basic level where it’s offline only and without a GUI. I suggest you do web search of small projects like these (games are the easiest to find) and then pick them based on what you think would be entertaining. If you find the project fun the more willing you’ll be to learn new things.
Hope this helps :smiley:


Recommendation: https://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/


Reppin’ MATLAB for the scientists and data junkies out there. =) Looking for an opportunity to try python though!


I started to learn Swift and I like it a lot. Because it is a very young language it learned a lot from other existing once, it is very flexible and offers a lot of options to solve a problem.
The languages I’ve learned over the years … Java, Objective-C, Javascript, PHP.
I always wanted to check out Python though.


Why would you guys recommend learning Python? Just curious, pretty newbie on the topic, but i’d love to know!


It’s very powerful, and also it uses ‘pseudo-english’ meaning it is much more friendly to learn than a lot of the nerd overload stuff :slight_smile: It’s well worth looking into.


I’m currently using a lot of Java and Javascript…what’s the most common language used in the crypto space? Any idea?


@diogogomes and @kevintootill I’ll give it a go then! Thank you guys! :slightly_smiling_face:


Have you used swift playground on IOS?


Not yet, from what I’ve saw, it looks pretty awesome, but I rather code on my Mac. Besides, I don’t have an iPad at the moment.


Hello everyone!
I’m not a programmer, but I’m willing to become one in future. I’ve started with JS, but I found myself rushing and decided to make a step back and spend more time with HTML and CSS since I wanted to learn Web development.
A month after that I found a 6-months course for Blockchain technologies and development in an IT school so I have decided to go for it since Blockchain is what mostly makes me interested in programming. Problem is we’ll be learning C# and Solidity for Ethereum so I’ve started a C# online course to prepare myself a bit. But it got overwhelming once I got to Loops and lacked easy and well explained exercises to practice what I’ve learned.
So what would you suggest me do? Is there anyone using C#? :slight_smile:


c# is a very powerful language, and is well worth learning, but getting the html and css fundamentals is a very good idea.

You can also download Visual Studio Community for FREE for one seat license:

Visual studio is a comprehensive solution for developing websites, apps and software, if you are serious about programming, i can also recommend learning the basics about Visual studio, it will help you develop your skills.


I like react and working a lot with Mendix (Java based)


I am using VS for my course now :slight_smile: And I have done a more extensive course on HTML5 and CSS3. Also started a course for Responsive Web Design, but left it for now so I can build some basic knowledge on C# before my Blockchain course starts. Otherwise it might come too much for me later on. Btw this school always starts it’s courses with C# (which is great for me) and then will learn Solidity. That’s why I’m headed for C#. Besides NEO can work with C# as well … just in case :slight_smile:
Basically what bothers me is that I have never used my brain for logical stuff and problem solving so I can understand mostly some very simple exercises. And this makes me doubt that I could become even a decent programmer.

P.S. Sorry for spamming your thread with off topic stuff, Ivan!


C++ is very common for blockchains technologies.

Javascript with React / Vue / Meteor for clients is also very common.


Still deciding which to focus on: Javascript or Python.
It is interesting that Python gets mentioned in AI development, but why is it not used more extensively in blockchain?


From what I’ve seen, there is no avoiding JS in web and mobile development. It’s required in most of the jobs I’ve seen. No idea about AI and such.


I mainly use assembler x86 and x64 for creating little utilities and other projects, so i consider it my favorite language, although i have used other langs in the past: qbasic, dbase, clipper, foxpro, visual foxpro along with some more modern ones like php.