Favorite language?


What is your favorite programming language? Mine is Python!


I have a few: Java, Python and javascript


which do you use most often?


Python all the way, I use it for Gis softwares (I’m a Civil Engineer), going hard with crypto now…


I spend most of my time writing code in Python (as we both know I love deeply). Otherwise I’m leaning more towards Javascript in the React/React Native Environment.

With that being said, on a “normal” week I usually write code in at least Python, Java, Swift and Javascript.


javascript. because it’s widely used and easy to find resources. i like functional programming, it make the app testable and is not prone to error. And there is communities taking care of it by keep improving new functionalities and better syntaxs over time


what JS technologies do you use?


ES6, react, redux, nodejs.


Nice! Using those technologies you can literally build whatever nowadays :slight_smile: as long as you don’t need super low level access


C++ :slight_smile: and python after that.


For now, my favourite language is JavaScript (but Python is winking the eye for some time).


Elixir the new generation of Erlang!


Niice!! I’ve not programmed in Elixir nor Erland yet, but I’ve met the creator of Erland - Mr Joe Armstrong while working at Ericsson :smiley:


Most definitely Python. :smiley:


I’m learning Ruby! Tho still wondering if I made a good decision:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Mostly Python with R and SAS.


I’m really keen to learn Python (I have no prior programming experience except SQL). Can anyone recommend some resources to get me up to speed on Python? I’m currently doing a Udemy course which seems fairly good. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


I would buy a book on Python that has exercises after each chapter. Read the book from start to finish and do all the exercises. This method always worked best for me :slight_smile:


Started with JS, it was not easy, but now Python looks like a piece of cake. Love it!


The hard way is the way to go IMO.