Everything to know about EOS


My name is Tiago and I´m very new to the crypto world and i have some questions regarding the EOS coin? token?
First - is it a new coin? or is a ERC20 Token?
Second - i bought some EOS on binance, do i need to do anything? I have been reading that since EOS ico was made on the ETH blockchain that is a ERC20 token and now you need to change that somehow.
Third - If i send my EOS that i got on Binance to MyEtherWallet will i be eligible to get the airdrops?(since i have the private key).

I´m sorry if this is not the best place to ask this and im sorry for the messy questions(and maybe stupid ones).

Thank you all in advance


Hey Tiago,

1. EOS currently is a ERC20 token but once the mainnet is launched it will be a coin on its own blockchain.

2. Binance supports the EOS token swap which means you don’t have to do anything, to be more precise currently you can’t do anything since the mainnet launch will be in a few days and withdraws on binance are frozen. You can only buy/sell EOS on Binance at the moment.

3. It is to late to send the EOS token to an Ethereum address because the contract is frozen which means the balances for each address holding EOS can’t change anymore. When it comes to airdrops there, is a good chance Binance will support them since they supported a lot of airdrops in the past.


Hey nflaig,
Thank you for the explanation,

The crypto world is evolving so rapidly that its really hard for a noob to catch up.