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Does anybody have an idea on how to use an external database? For example using the number of google-searches per day. I know…not a great idea, but just to learn more how to use Pine Editor


The last I checked it was not possible with external api calls. You would have to work with your own script like Ivan is showing you at the end of the course.

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Hi filip,

Really enjoying the course so far! I have a question though forgive me if I missed this in the course. When I change time frames I get radically different results in terms of profits and losses for the same strategy I have added to the chart. Is there a way to set your strategy to a 1 hour ,4 hour or daily candles through pinescript?

thanks again for the knowledge



Yes, but that’s completely normal. If you switch timeframe, then all values will be different. Prices will be different, moving averages different, everything will be different since the candles are different.

You can use the security function to create a variable that holds data for a specific security with a specific timeframe. But this is usually only necessary if you want to work with multiple timeframes at once. Otherwise you should simply choose the timeframe in the chart.

Here is info about the function I’m talking about. https://www.tradingview.com/study-script-reference/#fun_security. And a video if that helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K60Jc5WXsH4


Thank you for replying to me Filip!