is a real ETH betting site for World Cup matches


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been totally wrapped-up in the World Cup happening in Russia.
As i love soccer (or football as my non-US friends call it) and occasionally placing a bet on a match, and because ETH is my favorite cryptocurrency, i searched for eth world cup bets and came across the listing for the Ether World Cup site at

Here’s what I like about that site:

  1. It’s not an ICO or Airdrop or Token sale or anything like that.
  2. it’s not a long-term project you have to wait on for months or years to see fulfilled.
  3. There are no high fees from brokers or hidden fees from unverifiable ‘system processes’
    it’s just ETH bets.
  4. so it’s all transparent on the blockchain and confirmed and verified with smart contracts and independent data sources that confirm and verify all the scores and results.
  5. As far as the fun of sports betting goes … it meets and beats my Gooooaaalllll! :slight_smile: