Ethereum Introduction - Discussion

Welcome to the discussion thread about this lecture section. Here you can feel free to discuss the topic at hand and ask questions.

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I don’t see any intro video to Ethereum. Just forum links and questions. Am I missing something or it’s some server side error?

They should all be there @tvnaresh! I see them on mine no problem! Just click the ones with the Youtube-looking arrow for the videos :slight_smile:

@FaierPlay The point is ‘Ethereum Intro’ has assignment questions even before the actual video started. Hope you got it. Thanks anyways

Ah understood! My bad.

Hmmm…I’m not seeing anything in this section other than the forum link. Am I missing something?

This seems to be out of order. The questions come before the content?

What will happen when we will deploy malicious app into the Ethereum network, I mean technical aspect of the security in EVM, how it will behave?