Ethereum Hello World Dapp Discussion


When I copy the code to Atom and open the html in Chrome i get the following error: “Uncaught ReferenceError: Contracts is not defined”; I have at the end of the .js the line with “})(Contracts[‘HelloWorld’]);”; and the contract is in the same folder as the js file. Did someone else encouter this error? Any ideas on how to solve it?


I’m not 100% sure what you are copying. But you can’t simply copy all code from superblocks directly to atom. If you want to use the code outside superblocks you first need to deploy it to the testnet and then export the code from superblocks.

Otherwise you need to run your own eth node. You can run a local one using truffle.


Not at the moment since web3 v0.2 used in superblocks doesn’t support that. But if you take a look at the ethereum game programming course you can see how it’s done with truffle and v1.0.

I will update the dapp section soon, then all of that will be updated.


Great. Looking forward to an update here!