EOS Hello World Discussion


I’m not sure what’s causing that. I would just recommend to go back and use the version that I use in the videos. Seems more stable.


After this comand “eosio-cpp -o hello.wasm hello.cpp --abigen” my teriminal stucks every time and nothings happenes in the dirrectory i could see hello.wasm. Using linux ubuntu on VM


And how to update eos building tools i got “eosio-cpp & eosio-abigen version 1.2.1”


Turned on 4core CPU on my VM and it’s all done after 30sec


Is everything alright now?


Actually now I have this problem


What method did you use to install?

sudo ./install.sh

Did it one more time after error everything flows fine without erros (I mean instalation)


But did you use docker or did you build it from source?


I think it from source, but I’ve done all by the instruction. Are there any commands to check what is not working?


Not really. We have to debug. Does nodeos work?


Try to run sudo make install in the build folder.


I think now, but how could I check it. I’ve done instalation in build folder everything flows fine but problem still there


You need to do it in the build folder. Looks like you did it in /contracts/eosio.cdt.