Enjin Identities - Reading Assignment

Identities in Enjin can be hard to grasp. So let’s study it a bit more before we move on. Read through the Linking Section of this blog post and then answer the following questions in the forum. Post you answers here.

  1. What are Enjin Identities?
  2. What could be the point of having identities as well as Enjin Accounts? Why do we need both?
  3. How is the linking code used?

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  1. Identities are distinct from user ids, there can only be one identity per user, per app. Identities are either linked, or unlinked. Linked identities contains a valid Ethereum address.
  2. An Enjin account can link a different identity or wallet, but only one identity per account, per app at a time.
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  1. Identities create a one-to-one link between users and their wallet address associated with the game. An identity may be left unlinked, in which case that user would not yet have direct ownership of their game assets and would not be able to trade them freely (I think).

  2. Users may not wish to link their identity to a wallet that is 100% in their own control as it opens up new risk. They may feel more comfortable letting the developer maintain centralized control.

  3. A player can use the code to link their ethereum address with their user account in a particular game. They can also unlink and relink it to a different address. The developer requires at least 1 account to be linked so they can mint items.

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