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In terms of recommending blockchain to businesses, if running Ethereum is so expensive and so slow, sounds like the only practical use case I can think of at this point is to run ICO. Filip can you provide any practical use cases for Ethereum to be adopted in real business world (other than running ICO)? Compared to: VET has own proprietary digital tag to track genuine products and fight counterfeit, Elastos is releasing carrier nodes in tv boxes, even Tron is almost 100x faster, why would we even consider Ethereum for our clients?


It is expensive and slow, correct. But it also has a lot of proof of work behind it, so it’s quite secure.

But I would agree that ICOs are the most common use case right now, but we have a lot of ICO clients as well. Gaming is another big one, with ERC721 tokens for example. I think that is going to grow, fast.


True, gaming would be perfect use case and early adopter!


Hi Filip, I would like to know how much a blockchain consultant could charge per hour. I want to start my business very soon and I need some numbers to have some idea of the market. Thanks.


Filip, I want to tell you as well that I enjoyed this course a lot, I did learn lots of usable things and I am so happy for that. Thank you and Ivan for this invaluable opportunity and for your amazing work. Of course I am going to continue painting the owl. Thank you a million guys !


Hi Nando,

I personally use to review salaries in the United States. It will provide an idea of where to start and also considering what you feel your time is worth. It has jobs posted and the requirements needed to fulfill the position. I think it will be a great resource for you.

Wishing you the best of luck with your endeavours!


It would actually be difficult to say. It depends where you live I would say, or where your customer lives. I think you could charge anywhere between 100 and 500 dollars per hour. Depending on the customer and the service you are providing.

If you are starting out, start cheap and move your way up.


Hi Filip,

there are actually some interesting business blockchains (NEM, Neblio, Nuls, Dragonchain, Stratis…), which are much faster & cheaper than Ethereum, because they use APIs to connect existing front end within a business instead of executing every piece of code on a blockchain based virtual machine. As far as I understood, most business use cases don’t need something like EVM (researching at the moment in order to prepare my own use case). I really would like to learn more about that (pros & cons, comparison Hyperledger, Eth, other Business Blockchains)…

I like your course very much, but actually am a bit disappointed that you only cover Hyperledger. Maybe this could be some topic for another course or youtube video?