Do you consider privacy and freedom criminal?

When I first discovered cypto back in 2014 it was by chance. I started an Ebay seller business. I would buy surplus items at auction and resell on Ebay. I often seen ads for crypto coins such as Feather Coin, Ripple, Bitcoin, and a few others. I decided to explore Ripple. Poor decision looking back. I thought it had some merit and bought several thousand at .01 I believe it was. Even at that time I came to realize that disrupting governments and central banks would be a huge undertaking.
It would all come down to either conforming with regulations that would eventually be made in order to control projects or outright outlawing them. I would then be faced with the decision is privacy and financial freedom worth the fight? I chose yes. To this day I believe that all that are involved in this new exciting technology, still in its infancy, will face the same decision as the authorities will never surrender their power. I am anxious in seeing if the masses will first become aware of the option and secondly what their choice will be. I am a bit pessimistic that most everyone will cave to the power and the dream of true financial privacy and independence will die before reaching maturity. What are your views? Can governments and central banks coexist with privacy coins and decentralized projects? Please excuse all my grammatical and spelling errors.