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Hi I am not sure if it is good place to post, if not I am sorry. I have a problem with robsten testnet migration. After a migration my new created block is strange. It didn’t show any error during a migration. I mean there is no hash and contract address is to long. I can not check in robsten explorer if my migration was made in proper way because contract address doesn’t fit. Is it an error You mentioned on the course?

Almost looks like it was aborted. Then it looked like you typed something out manually on the command line? Could you screenshot your file structure from your editor or terminal and the second migrations file?

I have solved this problem. Actually it works:) when I cut in contract address , excess characters after 57, so my contract is 0x0a5849398b654714054187BEdfFF15E587d2ED57 and I can see in robsten explorer that everything is fine. My game is working on the testnet so It must be fine:) Great course by the way:) thanks

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If one day I really have to put my project on github, how should I handle the mnemonic in the truffle-config.js ?

Have it in a separate file that only contains your mnemonic phrase and import that into your file. Then you exclude that file from github.

Another alternative is to set a variable in your environment variables and use that in your config.js.

Here is an example.

In case anyone else runs into this: When I went to MEW it was very different than the version Filip is using. There was no obvious way to display your secret key - like they have decided to protect us from ourselves.

If you go to the MEW home page there is a link at the top for classic mew - select that and then you can follow Filip’s steps.




MyEtherWallet has a new look (Graphic User Interface). It is different from lesson " Configuring Metamask & Creating Account", it only provides public address but not private key (unencrypted). Any suggestion how to proceed from here ?Capture

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Found it myself !
Proceed to ADDRESS, then SWITCH, then click the PRINTER icon, the private key is there.

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Thanks for that… I ran into the same problem…

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How do I fix this?


Thank you

add the flag --reset when you migrate. It will then replace your contracts.

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Thank you Filip, its so super to be taking your class!

Great, thank you :slight_smile: I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed it.