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Hi Filip, You had mentioned in this segment about a quiz. Can you direct me to that please, I don’t see it listed. The next segment is a reading assignment and not listed there. Thank you.

Enjoying your content. Explained well.


I will look into why that’s missing. Thanks.


Hi there.

I do see a quiz at the end of the section. Is that the one you are referring to maybe?


Hi Filip, I thought CORDA wasn’t a Blockchain, am I wrong ?


What I have seen, it is a blockchain. Or at least a blockchain platform, like hyperledger.


You mentioned about quiz in Permissioned vs Permissionless video…No quiz there ??


Yes, my mistake. When I made the videos I said “DO THE QUIZ” in so many videos, then I realized we can’t have quizzes all the time. So do the quizzes when you see them and don’t listen to me :smiley:


At this point… in videos there are only slides…why didn’t you make videos as you do on youtube ?..It feels boring after sometime as there is nothing to focus…only listening…


Thank you for the feedback. I will attempt to do them better in the future.