Creating a Simple Game Discussion


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Excellent course so far, love the phaser library its fun!!!

I got lazy about typing that out over and over… but realized a loop works to keep me lazy.

for(i=10; i > 0; i–){
this.load.image(“run_frame_”+i, “assets/knight/run/Run (”+i+").png");
for(i=10; i > 0; i–){
this.load.image(“idle_frame_”+i, “assets/knight/idle/Idle (”+i+").png");


nice, great idea, well done


its starting to get exciting here onwards!!


Just finished the non blockchain gaming section… Excellent course so far…

I added in some other extra stuff today to make it better with some in game music… Death music when you fall off the platforms and a few other features to round it out before continuing on to the blockchain stuff… posted it up here with these updates…

I also noticed an interesting game hack with the current code… If you jump off a bouncing BTC coin you can catch extra air and bounce off of it as if it were the ground…


Hey guys, amazing to hear that you like the course, please leave a review if you have time, it helps a lot:


For those PC users who cannot open the server by using the command in the video, you can try
python -m http.server 8000


When you collect the first coin, the score remains Zero. Only after collecting a second coin it starts counting. score++ needs to come before the setText.

          scoreText.setText("Score: " + score);


If you have node.js you can simply run it by typing:


If you dont have the http-server package, First run:

npm install -g http-server