Crashing while watching

good afternoon,
loving the course so far but the page keeps crashing.
many times now while watching a video the page crashes and have to start the
video from the beginning again (and search to where I was before crashing)
Also the button mark as complete does not seem to work.
I use Chrome from my laptop.
I now use Kajabi from my phone to mark the complete button on the lessons.
Any suggestions?


Hi there :wave:

No crashes on my side using Chrome or Firefox, but the “Mark As Complete” buttons didn’t work for me as well at first. (I disabled all ad-blocker browser extensions)

Then I changed the settings for the site “” in Chrome here:

Once I changed the setting at the very bottom “Unsichere Inhalte” (in Engl. something like “unsafe content”) to “Allow”; when I reloaded the academy site, the “Mark As Complete” buttons worked.

Hope it helps, cheers :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Okay, turned out it worked two times but stopped working when I tried marking the third video as completed.

So it looks like the setting mentioned above is not related to the problem. Flash and JavaScript is allowed for the site.

Edit 2: Lol, now it is working in Firefox without troubles.