Crashing while watching

good afternoon,
loving the course so far but the page keeps crashing.
many times now while watching a video the page crashes and have to start the
video from the beginning again (and search to where I was before crashing)
Also the button mark as complete does not seem to work.
I use Chrome from my laptop.
I now use Kajabi from my phone to mark the complete button on the lessons.
Any suggestions?


Hi there :wave:

No crashes on my side using Chrome or Firefox, but the “Mark As Complete” buttons didn’t work for me as well at first. (I disabled all ad-blocker browser extensions)

Then I changed the settings for the site “” in Chrome here:

Once I changed the setting at the very bottom “Unsichere Inhalte” (in Engl. something like “unsafe content”) to “Allow”; when I reloaded the academy site, the “Mark As Complete” buttons worked.

Hope it helps, cheers :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Okay, turned out it worked two times but stopped working when I tried marking the third video as completed.

So it looks like the setting mentioned above is not related to the problem. Flash and JavaScript is allowed for the site.

Edit 2: Lol, now it is working in Firefox without troubles.

I am reviewing this post on 2020 :sweat_smile: If still somebody has problems with seeing this platfrom although it runs amazing, Best browser full compatible and active is Brave Browser. Easy to use and now with crypto wallet and BAT as their currency. Hope everything for everybody keeps working smothly. My Regards :pray:t3: